Friday, July 24, 2015

Uranus Retrograde

Uranus  retrograde

July 26
6:37am EDT 
20 Aries 30

How interesting that Uranus who is squaring the Sun/Moon in Cancer on New Moon will also be changing direction this cycle.   My goodness, the Universe really wants to get our attention!    A relative few hours after Venus turns retrograde we find ourselves on July 26, with Uranus turning retrograde at 20/21 degrees of Aries.   It will turn direct on December 25 (10:53pm EST).   “Mommy, Santa gave me a direct Uranus for Christmas!”   Uranus spends about five months retrograde every year.  When I was younger and first learned about Uranus and his compulsive need for change and revolution I remember thinking, “Thank God, Uranus spends half the year retrograde, we couldn’t handle if he was always direct.”  

Uranus in Aries has been speaking to the world in noisy and unpredictable ways.   The sudden ‘Arab Spring’ was tied to Uranus turning direct at 0 Aries in December 2011.   How has the world been working since that date?  Yeah, let’s be grateful Uranus goes retrograde half the year.   At this point we are past the halfway mark of Aries transit.  Uranus will move into Taurus in 2018/2019 and that will be a significant different energy, not sure what will happen to the stock market then but we’ll worry about that in 2018.   

In the meantime we focus on the Arian energy.  Are we being bold?  Are we recognizing our individual strength?  Are we using it to better our world?   Who is pushy in our world?  What is it that they want to accomplish?   What are you starting from your own self-motivation?  How flexible are you when weird out of the blue change lands in your lap?     Are you finding opportunities in weird ways?   Where are you being a rebel?   Being rebellious is not necessarily wrong but ask yourself what is your motivation?  Is it for greater good?  Or is it from some unresolved insecurity?     Do you see the importance in looking back at your roots during this Cancer cycle with Uranus squaring the Sun/Moon and then turning retrograde?   Watch between now and December 25 and see what truths come up and how they need your energy.   Independence and new roads will be highlighted.   Can you see them?   We have five months to stay observant.   

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