Thursday, July 30, 2015

Aquarius Full Moon

Full Moon
7 Aquarius 55
July 31, 2015
6:42am EDT

We are currently in the Cancer Lunar cycle where we are processing our emotions, our feelings, and looking at how they connect to our roots.    We are currently processing Venus retrograde where we are looking at what we value.    We are in the beginning of Uranus retrograde where we are once again looking at where we need to break free and carve our own path.   And we are in the final days of Saturn retrograde where we are looking at sex, addictions, obsessions, loans, taxes, debt, combined resources and death with rebirth.   

You think that is a long enough list?   Well, now let’s add a full Moon in Aquarius.   
The full moon in Aquarius speaks to us as creative individuals who are apart of our larger group.  Who are your friends?  Who is your tribe?  Does your tribe let you shine?  Does your tribe let you be a star?   How do you access your creativity?  Who in your life sucks up all the stage light?    Is there any place where you should shine but you eclipse yourself?    How do you turn off your own light so that you can be loyal to your family?  How does your tribe keep you small?  What are the values of your tribe?  Are they in alignment with your own values?  How does your tribe speak to your childhood?   How much time do you spend looking out on the world and seeing the things that don’t work?  Who taught you that habit?  How does your tribe do the same?   How would an independent path help take you to a new, perhaps richer approach to life?      How would living a happy life that inspires great pride be a complete betrayal to your tribe?     Perhaps you need to swap out some key players in your tribe?     Or are you the negative member of the tribe?   Rut-ro.

Step up your game this full moon.  Stretch to shine.   Look around your tribe and if they don’t bring out your best then break free and find a way to contribute to society in a meaningful way.    Or go cheer someone on.   Go to a fundraiser for an important cause.   Go online and donate to something important to you.   Go to a lecture of someone your respect.     At the very least go have dinner with a friend you haven’t seen in a long time.     Just get out of your comfort zone.  Don’t spend the weekend doing the same ol’ same ol’ thing—that would be totally missing the point.   And I don’t write these things for you to miss the point.

Have fun, get out of your way and be a part of something bigger than you.   But no matter what---be authentic.     We’re counting on it. 

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