Monday, July 20, 2015

Venus Retrograde

On July 25  5:28 am EDT
0 Virgo 46  
Venus Retrograde

Venus like all planets when retrograde appears to be going backwards.   It is of course an optical illusion but in astrology that illusion kicks butts.   Let’s take a moment and remember the three weeks of Mercury retrograde in May and June.  There is not enough vodka in the world to blot out that three-week period in my mind.     Anyway, Venus retrogrades last around five weeks and they only happen about every 18 months.    Our last Venus Rx was December 2013/January 2014 in Capricorn.   Take a moment and think back what was going on with you at that time.  

Venus speaks to what we value.  The reason why Venus is the planet of love, beauty and money is not because it is about love, beauty or money, it is because Venus is about what we VALUE.  For most of the world Beauty, Love and Money are highly valued.   It is very interesting that Venus does not begin her retrograde at 29 degrees Leo but instead it the retrograde kicks off at Zero Virgo.  Virgo, which is a way different energy.   Mega Way different.   Here’s the deal, if you have a daily calendar that is in conflict with what you value, or what you truly love get out of the way and watch what comes up.   Virgo looks at our daily life.  Our vitamins, our exercise, our work, our calendar, our appointments, our daily health and included in that is how we love and are loved daily.    It is all up for assessment.   Not little boy, training wheels assessment but instead big ass ‘I mean business’ assessment.  Why is it big ass?   Because during Venus retrograde there will be interactions with Jupiter, Uranus, Mars and then Venus goes back and hits them a second time.   Yeah, she is getting our attention.   And of course the Saturn Venus square brings out insecurities.  How does your self-esteem vibrate when your money and your love is shaky?   Are you valuable to the world if your love life sucks?  Are you valuable to the world if your money is lame?  Are you valuable to the world if your creativity is stuck?  Are you valuable to the world if your beauty feels off?  If no, why?    What is keeping you from living your inner joy? Take the Venus retrograde to fix the misguidedness you have about your value.  Or maybe it is the value of your partners?   Maybe you are hanging on to someone for all the wrong reasons.    Maybe you are staying out of relationships for all the wrong reason.  Maybe you have put a partner on a pedestal?  Should they be there?    Maybe your love life is directly related to some bump in childhood.   Are you ready to have Saturn help fix those bumps?   Do you see why you need to look back at your roots?

For five weeks we will be pondering:
What do you value?  How do you value it?  How do you value it every day?  How are you being valued?  How are you being valued every day?    Where are you being OCD? (Virgo)  Where are you being dramatic? (Leo)  How are others’ nervousness (Virgo) getting in your way of being valued?   How are others’ drama (Leo) getting in the way of you being valued?  Are you giving more than you are getting?   Or are you taking more than you are giving?

How is pride getting in the way of your daily life (Leo & Virgo)?   How is ego showing up daily?  Is that a good thing?  How is your love brave?   How are you giving away your strength in your daily life (Leo/Virgo)?     There will be some of us who will assess everything and what to immediately jettison someone or somethings.   Sure.  I get it.   And you may also want to wait on some things until after the Venus Rx concludes.  There is a lot to be learned by all of us for the next five weeks.   And watch what comes up in the news about love, money, pride, ego, nervousness and health. 

Put these dates on your radar:
On June 21 Venus went into its shadow (14 Leo 23) – We will revisit some of the stuff that came up after this date.
On July 25 Venus stations RX  (0 Virgo 46) – We are on Value Patrol.  Especially what we value in our daily activities. 
On July 31 Venus returns to Leo (during a full moon no less) More Value patrol especially about unbridled love versus ego. 
On Sept 6 Venus stations direct 14 Leo 23 – Oh, boy what have we learned?  And how do we apply it?
On October 8 Venus returns to Virgo –what is my daily life looking like now? 
On October 9 Venus exits its shadow (0 Virgo 46) –Phew, how is my life different now than it was on June 21st?

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  1. Wonderful. I am in the process of making big life changes and when that starts happening I always head over here to see what is shaking things up. I am in the process of looking for a new therapist, researching weight loss surgery, and moving away from corporate life (moving from full time to part time) because I found myself living a life I don't believe in. The transition should be in full swing and by Sept or October I will be making half what I am now, working half the hours I work now and hopefully spending the rest of my energy on rest and creative endeavors.