Saturday, July 18, 2015

This Week In Astrology

We move out of the New Phase on the evening of the 19th.  So, if you have any more seeds you need to plant before Crescent you have most of the day to get on with it.  (Go HERE to read more about this New Moon).     Watch how you process your emotions and ask how your feelings are related to your childhood.   By processing our emotions we can clear out bad habits and begin the work that supports our AUTHENTIC self.    

Then we move into crescent and watch what comes up between 19th and early on the 24th morning/23rd evening).  Even if something seems random consider it valuable information.

On the 24th when we move into 1st quarter we return to an active state and do follow up work on those seeds we planted on New Moon.   If you sent your resume to a business on New Moon and if you learned something about the company during crescent then on 1st quarter you follow up with a phone call to the company or to an influential friends.  It is all about taking the energy of the moon and working with it.  Not against it.  Also on the 24th Venus turns retrograde for five weeks.  See separate post.

The following day on the 25 Mars and Uranus get into a fight.  Let's all make sure we aren't the boxers.    Get out of the way of anyone throwing verbal or physical punches.    And then on the 26 Uranus turns retrograde.   (see separate post).   Just a cuckoo weekend.  

Crescent Moon Phase
July 19
8:54pm  EDT  

Focus on:  What are your learning about mistakes?  What are you learning about perfection?  What are you learning about missing the mark on something?  What are you learning about taking care of daily business?  What are you learning about health and hygiene?   What are you learning about your diet?   

Special Focus:

7/21: Sun/Saturn:  Emotions feel support, restructuring purpose. 
7/22: Mercury/Saturn.  Calm, measured thinking.  Figuring out answers to any question and solutions.
7/22: Sun enters Leo
7/23: Mercury in Leo
7/23: Sun/Mercury: Bright ideas, creative thinking, inspired conversation and thinking. 

First Quarter Moon
July 24
12:03am EDT

Focus on:  What actions can you take that are black and white?  How will these actions help you cut out the riff-raff?  Where are you hanging out in the grey neither committing to black or white but now you need to make the commitment?   What actions can you take that support authentic emotions?  

Special focus
7/25: Venus retrograde at 0 Virgo 46  5:28am EDT to September 6, 2:30am  (post to follow)

7/25: Mars/Uranus.  Sparks will fly.  Cars will swerve.  Swords will be raised.   Where will you be?   Good question.   Watch the impulsivity and warriors.  
7/26:  Uranus retrograde 20 Aries 30  (until Dec 25  at 10:53pm EST) (see above)

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