Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sag Full Moon on Friday Night /Saturday Morning Lunar Eclipse

Sag Full Moon
Lunar Eclipse
May 25 –May 24th 2013
12:24am EDT
9:24pm PDT

This is the final eclipse of the trifecta, which began with April 25’s Scorpio lunar eclipse, followed on May 9th with a Taurus Solar Eclipse and now finally with our final lunar eclipse this time 4-5 Sagittarius.  

Sabian symbols for the lunar eclipse are:

MOON at: 4-5 deg Sag

An Old Owl Sits Alone On The Branch Of A Large Tree

SUN at:  4-5 deg Gemini

A Revolutionary Magazine Asking For Action

This lunar eclipse is a Supermoon an expression coined by astrologer Richard Nolle describing when the Moon is perigee meaning closest to Earth and syzygy (which I always joke reminds me of that road you drive by on your way to Vegas), meaning when the Moon is in a straight line with the Sun and Moon.  
These Supermoons intensify the nature of the full moon.  Basically whatever is the energy of that particular full moon, add steroids, shake it up and you get a Supermoon.     Nolle has also made a very strong argument that there is a rise in earthquakes around Supermoons.  By the way, per Nolle’swebsite, Supermoon dates for 2013:   

MAY 25, 2013 | 04:26 AM | FULL MOON | 04SA08 |   | EN |   |   |
| JUN 23, 2013 | 11:33 AM | FULL MOON | 02CP10 |   |    |   |   |
| JUL 22, 2013 | 06:17 PM | FULL MOON | 00AQ05

When the Moon is in Sag, there is a party atmosphere, and certain joyfulness as Sag’s tendency is to be bigger than life. Sag can be very open to others and things that are ‘foreign’ and is a huge travel sign.  It is the sign of higher education.   Generous and optimistic, willing to put oneself out there to help, to engage, to expand thinking from a mere thought to a belief.  All of that is good. 

But remember this is an eclipse and the shadow is crossing in front of the moon, which can bring out the NotSoNice side of Sag.   Zealots, racists, religious nuts, opinionated blowhards, knee jerk reactions.    Yuck.   Under this lunar eclipse and remember the eclipse may only last a few minutes of the full moon but the astrological influence will color the full 3 days of the full cycle.   Watch the big mouths!  Watch your own big mouth!  What is going on with your ideological beliefs?  Are you being lame about them?   Try to be the other ‘sag’.  The one who is connected to philosophy and finding the bigger picture.    If you are going off the handle and calling people names, pigeonholing them you are not hurting them as much as you are hurting you.  You will be cutting off something that could later serve you.  And your reasoning for doing it?   Fear of course whether you admit it or not.

The Sun In Gemini puts the accent on communication.   It is the sign that rules newspapers and blogs.  Watch those incendiary blogs and writers who try to stir up stuff.     There is a square with Neptune which means not everyone will be telling the truth.   Yeah, I know no one likes to receive a lie but remember just because someone is lying to you does not mean you are not getting the truth.   Guts or Fate will usually lead us to the truth.   

If I was to give one piece advise for this full moon it would be to avoid exaggeration.   Be as clear and discreet as possible.  No need to spill your guts or speak in hyperbole.    Be like a really well respected priest or rabbi or professor.   Weigh in with a true statement not a true manifesto.   Keep it small. Find a light touch and you will be okay.

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