Thursday, May 9, 2013

Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse

May 9th, 2013
8:29pm EDT

God, with barely ten minutes to spare..I just put up Taurus New Moon Eclipse. 

I don't know about you but I am ready for this eclipse.  I am looking forward to the changes that are in the air.  If anyone told me that Taurus was going to be the lunar cycle where a lot of people will be getting their 'change on' I would have laughed. But so it looks this cycle.   I'm excited. I hope you are as well.  Here is a snippet of the article.  The whole piece can be found at Margaret Wendt's metaphysical journal site. 

New Moon Phase

May 9, 2013 8:28pm EDT

Solar Eclipse


Look at you.  Look at me.  Look at them.  Look at all of us.  We are busy texting, emailing, googling, sending a photo, clicking on links, where our fingers end, electrical pulses begin.  Are we human or are we androids?   Some days it is hard to tell, right?    Let us take this Taurus New Moon Eclipse to remember we are physical beings with physical needs.   When was the last time you received a hug?   When was the last time you had sex?   Do you even remember?    Do you even feel your body?   What does it feel like?   Touch your skin.    What does it tell you? 


Why are we focused on our bodies?  Because Taurus is an earth sign, the first earth sign and is concerned about things that are concrete, things that are practical, and physical things.   It is the opposite of airy fairy, it is structured and grounded.    The first thing you and I experience which is physical is our actual body.     How many of us have been disconnected from your physicality?    I’m not just talking exercise, frankly exercise is NOT a word that one associates with Taurus.   I’m talking about actually feeling your body.  Is it heavy, is it light?   Can you feel the skin tugging on your cheeks?  Can you feel the thickness of your neck?  Can you feel your butt when you sit or when you walk?  Can you feel your body talking to you?    What is it saying?   Have you been so plugged into the Ethernet that you have no idea what your stomach is telling you?   Take this 28 day cycle to find your body.  Find your physical nature.


When we move past our body the next level of ‘physical’ or earthiness  is our things.   Taurus rules our possessions.   It is our land, it is the deed to our house, it is the nicknacks on the shelves.   It is also the money in our bank account, the money in our safe.   How is all that looking?  How is your money?  How are your possessions?  And more importantly do you possess them or do they posses you?


 Taurus’ ruling planet is Venus.  And Venus and Taurus are connections to our values.   When most of us think of Venus we think of love.    But it is not love that we are really talking about love per se, rather it is the value of love.  We value a person so much that we love them.  We will do much for love.     And it is not the actual coin or dollar that is the value.    It is what money can do for you that is the value.    “What do we value?” is the question we will be asking all 28 days this cycle.


On a solar eclipse, the shadow of Earth blocks out the sun’s rays giving us a moment to take a look at our life and adjust.   Here is an image to consider:

When you go to a movie during the day, you walk into the theater, you sit in your seat, munch your popcorn and watch the flickering screen as it transports you through the story. 

 When the movie is over, your head is still stuck in whatever was the story.  As you walk out the theater your are blinded by the sun.   It is too bright, it hurts, you can’t see anything except the glare.   You can’t remember where you parked your car, you can’t remember if you should turn left or right, all you know is that the sun is shining bright and you feel blinded.   So, you stop for a moment.  You tip your head down until your eyes can adjust.   You take some time and then you assess where you are and move on with your day.     And that in a nutshell is the purpose of an eclipse.


In a solar eclipse the sun is too bright, the shadow of Earth through the moon's node gives us time to readjust and re-focus.    In the case of this solar eclipse, the Sun and the Moon in Taurus are getting a shadow from the North Node in Scorpio.    He is our respite.   We need him to cast shade so we can find our way again.    And he is also here to guide us.  The north node is where we need to stretch; the south node is where we are stuck.   On a solar eclipse the Sun & the Moon are on top of the south node reminding us to look at where we have grown soft or stuck.  

With this eclipse  we need to ask:  What is going on with our values?  Have we put one value ahead of another?  Is this still accurate for our life?   For example are we a person who puts value on travel?  But have we been away so much we have missed many family events?   Grandma’s birthday?   Anniversary parties?  Baby showers?   Or have we put so much value on family that we have lost the importance of being out in the world and being respected by others.   What if your boss respects you more than your spouse?  And what about money, are you focused so much on earning money that you have lost sight of what the money can even do for you if you are too busy earning it?    What would it mean for you to slow down on earning and instead lived more.   

Go to link for the rest of the article. Margaret Wendt's metaphysical journal site. 

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