Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Week Ahead --not a small one....for sure.

Take a note. 
Obviously this is a big week.  We have two huge bookends with Uranus/Pluto Square on Monday the 20th at the beginning of the week and Full Moon -Lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on Saturday.      There is a lot going on and like the 1960’s if you don’t feel it, then you are not paying attention. 

Our week starts out with first quarter lunar phase which began on the 18th

First quarter Moon phase
Focus on:  What actions are you taking that speaks to your routine and your schedule?  What actions can you take that stabilize your calendar?   If it is out of control, what diligence can use to make your calendar sensible?  What does your exercise and health looking like?  How do you get the body you want? The one you supported back last month when you made your treasure map?  That body can be found if you are diligent, daily.   Take this quarter moon to figure it out.

On the 20th we have got:

5/20:  Sun moves into  Gemini (5:09pm EDT).  Call your Gemini friend, make them tell you a funny story.  Then you tell them one. Then book a lunch and both of you tell more funny stories. That will be a perfect birthday.

5/20:  Uranus Square Pluto (See earlier post)

5/20: Mercury/Uranus Brilliant thinking.  Seriously brilliant.  Breakthrough thinking that inspires independence. 

Gibbous Moon
May 21 5:06p EDT  

Focus on:
What is happening with the details of your relationships?  How are you fine- tuning your partnerships?   How are you being practical about your partnerships?

Special Focus:

5/24: Mercury/Venus:  Creativity around resources.  Informative connections.  Great aspect to research investments and love.  

Full Moon Phase
May 25, 12:24am
4 Sag Lunar eclipse
See Separate Post

Special focus:
5/26: Sun/Neptune:  Actions may not be the most honest.   There is something fuzzy going on.  What is your intuition telling you and what is fear telling you?  Do you think they are the same?  Delusional will be highlight

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