Monday, May 13, 2013

The week ahead

The lunar phase continues to be New for at least the first 11 hours of Monday.   
If you still have seeds you want to plant for a more practical, prudent, slow, diligent area of your life--you have up until 11:11pm EDT.   (8:11pm PDT)

Make a phone call, send an email, plant some kind of seed that will sprout something good down the road.  Remember Taurus is not a sign that presents a result right away, it is the sign that puts its nose down and does hard work.  Bit by bit.   Look at your life and find the area that would benefit from some dedication and plant that seed.     

Later tonight we move into crescent phase.  We will learn more about the seeds we planted from Thursday till now during the next few days.   We get information that helps us during Crescent.      We end the week with first quarter moon where we continue to push on our goals. 

Crescent Moon Phase
May 13 2013
11:11pm EDT  

Focus on: What is your family telling you?  Even if they aren’t saying anything directly what are they ‘telling’ you?  What are you learning about your home? What about your feelings and emotions? What information are you getting on all of the above?

Special Focus:

5:18: Mercury/Neptune.  Conversation not exactly accurate.  Delusional thinking. Crazy dreams.   In the middle of the madness what are you learning? 

First Quarter Moon
May 18 12:34 am EDT   

Focus on:  What actions are you taking that speaks to your routine and your schedule?  What actions can you take that stabilize your calendar?   If it is out of control, what diligence can use to make your calendar sensible?  What does your exercise and health looking like?  How do you get the body you want? The one you supported back last month when you made your treasure map?  That body can be found if you are diligent, daily.   Take this quarter moon to figure it out.

Special focus

5/18 Venus/Uranus: Highly creative, breakthroughs that support your love and your money and  your art.   Brilliance is around.  

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