Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Moore Oklahoma

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Yesterday morning when I woke up I was prepared for some story somewhere that would speak of Uranus Square Pluto which was exact at 7:02pm EDT or 5:02pm Central Time.    The tornado that went through Moore Oklahoma hit around 3:30pm CDT.     For astrologers we will all see the connection between this disaster and Uranus/Pluto square.

When outer planets like Uranus and Pluto make a harsh aspect it is a slow build.   Everything builds up in the days and months as we head towards the aspect.   So we have been under this influence for awhile.   The personal planets, meaning the inner planets, Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus are exactly that, 'personal' and even though I have not drafted a chart for the tornado in Moore I'm going to guess that those personal planets are in the mix in some pronounced way.   I think the Sun went into Gemini (an air sign) about a half hour before the tornado hit.   But when it comes to the outer planets you do have to look at the 'bigger picture'.  

Of course I don't know the bigger picture.   Parents losing children in school where we all send our kids every day always assuming they are safe.   Sigh.   People losing their houses and all their life possessions in a handful of minutes.  More sigh.     Too painful to describe.    And I'm sure there will be a discussion about weather patterns and polar ice caps melting and ramifications but we'll save that for a different day.

But what I was struck by when I saw the images on the news was the map.  I watched on one channel a wide shot of a map and the camera zoomed in to Moore.  I was struck by a thought I had, "Hmm. Where is the center of the continental United States?"  When I glanced at the map it seemed to me Moore was close.    I have since googled it and apparently the geological center of continental united states is Lebanon KS.  About 350 miles directly north of Moore. And when I say directly...It really is almost exactly due north.

In the US we get a variety of disasters, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, ice storms, floods, honestly we get it all so we can all relate to what we see in the images out of Moore.   I remember through Hollywood after Northridge earthquake and it was a disaster.   If it hit at 3pm instead of 430 in the morning would my son have been safe in his school?  I dunno.   Anyway, I say all this to say we can all relate.

Did you know.....
Text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 to tornado victims ... The Red Cross is already in MooreOklahoma helping the victims

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