Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Aries New Moon--Treasure Map 2010

Aries New Moon is upon us. Hurray! As many of you know on Aries New Moon we build our Treasure Maps.

I must say with the upcoming Cardinal T Square this Summer, I think this might be one of THE most important Treasure Map times to date. As hard as it will be for many of you, it is important to lay out a game plan as to what you want in your life. Not some airy fairy desires but real stuff that helps support your authenticity.

I just posted my article at Margaret Wendt's website.

Here's a snippet but go to the article for the whole enchilada.

Hurray! It is here

At the risk of overstating something that I consider totally obvious---The Aries New Moon is THE most important lunar month in the entire year. Yeah, I guess that is quite a statement but I stand by my opinion. After all, it is this New Moon that launches the rest of the twelve signs. We can’t get to them ---without being here first. Aries is the gate keeper and it is the catapult. It is the sign associated with spring and it is sign associated with sight. We start here to get there. All of us have desires and goals but in order to manifest those dreams we have got to SEE them. And so on Aries New Moon we build our Treasure Maps. Like I said, Aries is an important New Moon.

I am guessing if you check in on my New Moons with any kind of regularity you are already familiar with Treasure Maps. God knows I have been talking about them for years. But if you don’t know anything then you can start HERE for background information.

In a nutshell, in order to make a Treasure Map, you need to clear your brain from fear and judgment and open it up to what you really want. Not “sort of want” but what you really want. A great way to get an idea what you want is to sit down with a bunch of magazines and start looking at photos and captions, look for sentences, words, anything that catches your attention. There will be some images that really beckon you and I would encourage you to cut them out and consider putting them on your map. Or maybe you go to a store and pick out greeting cards. Perhaps there is a “Congratulations on your Wedding” card that has THE MOST perfect image for exactly what you want this year. Or maybe you see a travel brochure with images of fabulous vacation spots. Or you decide to go online and look for images of exercise because you want a full year of better health. And of course you can draw and paint what you want and type up affirmations. “I am happy and grateful that I am abundant.” Whatever images and affirmations that you land upon and they call to you--- put it on a poster board. This is your Treasure Map. This is your life that you want. Please make your Map on the New Moon which is between April 14 8:28am EDT and April 18 1:40am EDT. If you cannot make your map in those 3.5 days then you do have the whole waxing moon (between April 14 and April 28) but be forewarned on the 18th Mercury is going retrograde and I do not feel that is the most optimal time for a Treasure Mapping. But perhaps some of you will need that cuckoo energy to find your map. Go with what works best for you.

What else is going on with this Aries cycle?

Of course, every Aries lunar cycle is more than just Treasure Mapping. And when we look at this particular New Moon we see a special gift from Neptune. But before we get to Neptune lets familiarize ourselves (again) with the first sign of the zodiac.

If you know any Aries then you know they are tough. They have a lot of energy and they go, go, go. When they see something that they want they will drive themselves forward until they get it. They can be relentless. When you need something done and you need a lot of action---Ask an Aries. But if you need something done that is going to take a lot of patience and nuance-----skip Aries! Patience is NOT their strong suit. When something takes a long time, they start to shut down. They can be very short with people and god knows they always have a snappy answer for a stupid question. The problem is what they define as ‘stupid’ may not be stupid to the other person. As you can guess this can cause friction in relationships. No kidding. But if they just could learn a wee bit of patience they might find themselves working a little more efficiently with others and perhaps, just perhaps they won’t always be alone which is their chief complaint.

Anyway, during this lunar cycle we will be passionate and action oriented and we may be slogging it out there by ourselves in ways that we never thought. But we could break a lot of new ground and make real in roads in ways that have needed freshness for a very long time. Yes, we also could be short with others as we may express impatience easily--- so please take note if you hurt others feelings and apologize quickly. These are not the times to glob onto resentments or curry them. Fix it on the spot


  1. Happy Treasure mapping, Tracy! I have a question: after reading your article, I noted that my chart has Pluto at 29 Virgo (8th house), while 29 Pisces is in the 2nd house. Just wondering what that might add to the picture of the Sat/Ur opposition? Thanks!

  2. Money is bad--not sure it can get worse, other than homelessness (and that is no exaggeration). Marriage has ended as well.

  3. Let us assume you are past the worst.
    Remember the 8th house is a resource house. Kind of like going deep in side you and finding a nuclear power plant. You should be more empowered, even if it is just a hint of it, it will be the beginning of the new you. What house in your chart has Scorpio on the cusp?

  4. I'm totally with you in assuming that! : ) Actually, even though I can't see how at present, my gut has been telling me things are about to get better. Something's going to open up. And I can feel that new me gestating away, preparing to emerge... As much as things outwardly suck & appear bleak, I know they are changing for the best. (And as long as my little boy is with me and healthy, anything else can be overcome.)

    Scorpio is in my 9th house with 1 degree in the 8th and 2-3 in the 10th.

  5. Well, definitely a change in beliefs and career.
    A transformation. Kind of makes me think of the gal that wrote Harry Potter.

  6. OMG, you have no idea what this reference means to me right now (you, who have stated on this blog again & again how you don't believe in coincidence). I'm basically a welfare mom (with a master's in English) who longs to get back to writing--what else but children's literature.

    Thanks so much for your insight!