Friday, April 16, 2010

Mercury Retrograde this weekend!

4th April - 08:15:26 UT - Mercury shadow begins ( 2 ta 39'34")
18th April - 04:06:03 UT - Mercury stations retrograde (12 ta 37'54")
11th May - 22:26:35 UT - Mercury stations direct ( 2 ta 39'34")
28th May - 19:07:02 UT - Mercury shadow ends (12 ta 37'55")

And so here we are a few days into our lovely Aries New Moon and we have a big ol' fat Mercury Retrograde. Yeah, I know, can't get a break, can we? Oh, well.

On Sunday April 18 at 12:06am EDT which is Saturday April 17 at 9:06pm (PDT).......Mercury will retrograde at 13 Taurus.

We will be going over all kinds of issues and especially those issues that surfaced since April 4. It is not limited to that date but if something came up after the April4th, you will probably have to go back over it a couple times until finally when Mercury goes direct (May 11th) you are on the other side of the issue and in some cases it may need to be processed until the shadow is complete--May 28. For those of you who need more info on shadow dates go HERE read the part about the car.

With a Mercury retrograde in Taurus our brain really slows down. Taurus is an earth sign and it does not like to be prodded, it likes to take its time, it does not like change. I know very well what a Mercury in Taurus looks like since I have them in my family..."Hey do you want to ______?" the first answer is ALWAYS 'NO'. They like comfort and sameness. But if you can get a bit of a move out of them they are often very happy after they have done _____. It is just moving them that is the problem.

With a Mercury retrograde in Taurus I would expect that our own stubborness is going to surface. We also will have to take a look at our 'sticktoitness'. And we should expect a few whirlwinds of dirt in our eyes. There will be some kind of mess up, some kind of miscommunication but it will make us rethink our practical abilities. Perhaps this thing that flies in our eyes, makes us stop and rethink....maybe it will be things like: "I'm not longer throwing good money (Taurus) after bad." "I'm no longer throwing love ( Taurus) after bad." "I'm no longer paying (Taurus) someone to do something that I should be able to do myself (practical)."

We certainly will think at our resources and our skills.

We also will see concrete examples where we fell short on something. Where we should have taken it slower and researched it further before we said yes.

Watch any moves on real estate. I would REALLY encourage you to wait before making any big purchases---especially on this Mercury Retrograde Taurus.

Good luck, see you all on the other side of this Retrograde. I think it will be a bit stressful but I for one am interested to see what kind of skills I can harness.

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  1. Love the picture! Makes me laugh.

    If the retro gives me a little more stubbornness to counter that of my soon-to-turn-6 little Taurus Sun Son it'll all be worth it to me! :-)