Thursday, April 1, 2010

How is your weekend looking?

Of course, I wish you a Happy April Fool's Day..whatever that means.

Tomorrow on April 2 at 9:06a (EDT) Mercury will move into Taurus which will slow down our thoughts. Those high falutin' Aries thoughts that we have had for last few weeks will transition into thoughts that are far more practical. Suddenly our brains feel grounded. "How do we get things done?" Will be our focus. And because Mercury will Retrograde in the middle of the month, we are going to have Mercury in Taurus way longer than normal. It is not until June 10th that it will move into licketysplit Gemini. Until that time we will have six weeks where we focus on patience on practicality. Obviously, a lesson that we are in need of experiencing. See how it feels this weekend.

On Saturday April 3, 7:25am (EDT) Venus Squares Mars. Not great for resources or love since both will feel ganged upon. Everyone feels fat in THAT dress. The wallet looks holey and the hand that is stretched out in front of us asking for us to give it something---well, it pisses us off. Curb your tongue as best as you can (ah, maybe that's the patience lesson we are learning from Mercury in Taurus). It will feel a wee bit better on Sunday. Sunday April 4 at 11:12pm (EDT) Venus will trine Pluto. We only get this trine 2 times a year how nice it is happening on Easter Sunday. Talk about HeHasRisen! Pluto demands death and rebirth and Venus is all out love and money. Lots of us may wake up on Sunday feeling one way and by the time the day ends (and we're closer to the aspect) we will have a completely new handle on what we love. Love of things may be replaced with love of "Lasting Things". Disposable anything will be very unappealing.


Happy Easter! There's a Peep with your name on it.

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