Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A bit of housekeeping

I was so busy in the last week dealing with a bunch of stuff plus writing the Aries New Moon article that I didn't get a chance to comment on Russia.

Holy Moley what was that week all about?

Obama and Russian President Medvedev signed an agreement to reduce arsenals of strategic nuclear warheads on April 8.

On Saturday April 10, The President and pretty much all the top military, government and spiritual leaders of Poland were killed in a Russian built plane that went down in Russia. Specifically the forest where 20,000 Polish officers were killed by Soviet Police in 1940.

and on Friday we learned that an adopted Russian Boy was unceremoniously returned to Russia by his American Mother. Is there anyone on Earth that didn't hear this story? It reminds me of a twisted up 21st century version of Elian Gonzales who was pulled out of the drink off Florida ten years ago. Cuba? Russia? USA? Yikes.

One week and that much noise? WTF?

I went looking at the chart of Russia and learned a few things. First of all, it is not that old. Yeah, I know Russia has been around for centuries, but not THIS Russia, this one is only from 1991. After the Soviet Union was dismantled on December 8 (the Minsk agreement), the flag was raised for Russia a few weeks later and Russia was (re)born on December 25.

So, we're talking about a Country with a Capricorn Sun, Virgo Moon and Leo Rising.

Of course as all of us know Pluto has been hanging around the 3 and 4 degree of Capricorn since the middle of last year. It was close to a conjunction last year but didn't make it until January 3, 2010. It will make two more exact conjuctions on July 24 and November 2. What I think is of interest is that Pluto retrograded on April 6...which anticipated all the recent activity. I am too tired to go back and check the news for Russia in December and January when Pluto went over its Sun. But I am telling you the hair is standing the back of my neck when I see that Pluto will be over Russia's Sun right around the time of the July Cardinal T Square. Fingers crossed all of their missing suitcase bombs are not involved. Sigh.


  1. And butting up to all that news was this stunner - "Ukraine agreed to surrender its full stock of highly-enriched uranium—at least 90 kilograms—by 2012." One of the things to remember about the cardinal T-square is its evolutionary potential. It promises radical change and an equal measure of challenge from the power holders. Dismantling nuclear stockpiles, forging new agreements, challenging power structures that stifle the potential for greater humanitarian progress and innovation. The devastating stories of Russian adoption burn in the lives of some of my clients, as well, and this latest revelation could bring everyone involved more understanding and support.

  2. Yes! I totally forgot to put up the Ukraine business. But in truth I should look up the chart of the Ukraine since is its own country. But of course closely tied to Russia. Also, this week Medvedev went to Argentina and has agreed to help build nuclear power plants.

    Could it all be more Pluto????

    And yes, Pluto is both revolutionary and evolutionary. The adoption story may have also had more to do with a progressed russian moon square Sun...(I think that is what I noticed when I looked at the chart) ..still a bit sleepy right now.

    I do hope there is more support on the adoption stories. My moon in cancer goes out to all on that one.