Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pluto Turned Retrograde

Pluto turned retrograde yesterday Tuesday April 6 at 10:34pm.

First of all many apologies that I didn't get this post up yesterday. I was in wall to wall meetings yesterday and didn't have a second to spare. Sigh.

Anyway, Pluto spends half the year in retrograde motion every year. While it is in retrograde (and direct motion for that matter) we are working out the energy and focus of the sign. In the case of Capricorn (where it will be for many years), we are dealing with business, executive abilities, corporations, government, big brother, bureaucracy and responsibility-- among other things. While in retrograde motion you may be compelled to ask yourself, "Where do I need to step up and be a CEO?" I know that sounds silly, especially if you are working in some small company and feel so far away from being a CEO, but do not limit yourself to your career. Where do you need to be a CEO in your life? This is a time when the energy may beg for those of us who have real leadership abilities to no longer hide in the shadows. We must step up and take responsibility for ourselves and world. But at the same time, if we are corrupt, we will start to crumble down. Because Pluto can find the weakness in any sign. To put it in perspective, a few weeks after Pluto officially moved into Capricorn (November 2008) Bernie Madoff was arrested. So, liars and cheats beware, Pluto's stay in Capricorn (until 2023) will probably smoke you out. And those who have integrity and skills will be called upon to SHOW UP. See if you don't find your own inner CEO for the next five months (turns direct in September).

For more information on Pluto in Capricorn in general go here:


  1. Hi Tracy. Question. Would a novel about the hero rising from humble beginnings (sound like Joseph Campbell archtype?) exposing corrupt overlords, etc. stand a good chance of clicking with the Pluto in Cap and being a overall success? Thanks.

  2. Of course! You know that adage, "when the student is ready the teacher will show?" That to me is in synch with astrology. We 'feel' and 'know' the energy as a group sometimes before it happens and certainly as it is occuring.

  3. This is odd, the whole inner CEO idea. A friend drew a Tarot card for me today, and it was the Emperor, and then I come here and read this.... I have nothing in Capricorn and I am not in the least the CEO type, but it seems there's something here I need to learn... Hmmm...