Friday, April 23, 2010


A wee bit of housecleaning. Happy Late Earth Day (yesterday). I hope you had a green moment somewhere in your day.

Today Friday there was a hideous square between Venus and Neptune and I sure as 'eff felt it! Confusion and resources, no shit. Two days ago I purchased tickets to a concert for a friend's birthday and right about the time of the square I realized I got the wrong night!!!!! Now I'm trying to sell them on that freak show that is Craig's list. Argh.

I am happy to say that Venus sextile Uranus has at least made me laugh about this complete waste of money.

In the meantime tomorrow Venus will trine Saturn... I'm praying that when I wake up there will be an answer from someone to buy these tickets.
If not, at least I hope the charity event that I am coproducing brings in a bunch of dough.

I normally love Venus trine Saturn. Fingers crossed my energy shifts.


  1. talk about confusion and resources. i live with my fiance and his mom. the cable and everything is in her name and we pay her for the internet in full every month. yesterday my fiance e-mailed me to tell me that the cable/phone/internet was cut off for the second time in 2 months! i replied that it was "f-ed up that she didn't pay the bill." guess what? he was writing me the e-mails on HER laptop because it was the only way he could snag the neighbor's wireless signal to get me a message. the signal crapped out in the middle of him replying. he closed the window. well, good old firefox restores your tabs on startup and voila! midnight last night she is screaming at the top of her lungs over that. i was like... honey, i know you don't believe in "the astrology stuff" but tracy warned me!! have to laugh about it but um... awkward.

  2. I had a friend do the same thing earlier this week....too much candor and then she hit reply all...even AFTER I warned everyone. A world of hurt feelings later but they all got through it.

    I am still workign my way to unloading these conan o brian tickets. God, what a messy retro!