Monday, April 26, 2010

Saturn Uranus Opposition

Saturn Oppose Uranus April 26, 7:23pm

Since November 2008, Saturn and Uranus have been on a teeter totter with each other. Those dates were November 4 2008, February 5 2008, Sep 15, 2009 and now we are on our fourth round.

We have been given a gift of Saturn transiting back one more time into Virgo and it is giving us this great opportunity to look at our daily activities and see how they support change (Uranus). Does our schedule look nuts? How do we spend our time? Do we run around taking care of others but ignore our own needs? How about those of us with OCD, is it on full volume? And what about diet? If you are eating three thousand calories a day are you really surprised you've put on twenty pounds? Now you should take this final passage of Saturn in Virgo to clean up the lame areas that is your daily life.

Of course some of you are probably saying, "Why and Why now?"

Because Pisces is where we dream. It is one of our visionary signs. It is the sign of great mystery. It is where we meditate and we find our new lives. And in this sign is Uranus, the agent of change. However, Uranus is wrapping up its time in Pisces and when it moves into Aries the changes we make will be based on something different. More like "have to" changes. So, while Uranus is in Pisces and under this aspect with Saturn try to connect to your higher self, (spirit or the great unknown) and see if you can uncover your true future you.

If you don't know, take a look at your life and ask what has been nagging at you since November 2008? You have probably all had some energy come up that you are processing that is a direct result of these two planets. If you are unclear, just ask a few friends. Ask them are there any 'catch phrases' you have been saying for the last two years. Because any venting you've been doing is probably where the change needs to take place.

We are under this influence for awhile not just today so start cleaning up your daily life so you can get to your dream life.

And remember the next time Saturn and Uranus do their last teeter totter (July) they will be doing it in Libra and Aries. Which is not about daily routines and dreams it is about personal identity and relationships. And it promises to start with a bang.


  1. It was only today that I found this interesting post of yours. Congratulations! Clear and concise, and yet so true.

    It is already the 7th May, so a lot is going one, namely, also, the reawakening of the Volcano (Portuguese airspace is getting closed today).

    Would love for you to visit my blog.

    Love Astrology, too.

    All the best, Maria

  2. Yes, of course, give me the link to your blog.
    I will go visit!