Friday, April 30, 2010

Michael Lutin calls it like he sees it

If you have not had the pleasure of reading Michael Lutin---NOW would be the time to start. Holy, Moley he is on fire...and not a matchstick too late (if you ask me).

I am sure many of you may be familiar with his work when he was the astrologer for Vanity Fair Magazine. He broke free from Czar Carter a couple years ago and now in my opinion is able to fly without too many corporate chains.

I have been waiting for some snippets from Mikey on our changing energies ...ahem Cardinal cross... and my friend sent me the following link:

A dark tide is rising, and within weeks you're going to

see on TV or witness in front of your eyes

overt acts of hostility against a regime

people feel is unnjust and corrupt.

This will mark the beginning

of the Uranus Pluto square,

a period of social change

not seen since the 1960's.

It is a worldwide phenomenon

it continues...a must read go to HERE for the rest of Uncle Mikey's take.

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  1. The gov'ts of Thailand, Belgium, New Zealand, South Africa, Iceland, America, and maybe soon the UK are under an immense amount of pressure - did I miss anybody? Seems they're going to reach out and unite (almost typed untie! hm) in order to survive, or disintegrate.