Monday, March 19, 2012

Aries New Moon 2012

Aries New Moon
March 22 10:37am EDT

I have just posted my Aries New Moon article on Margaret Wendt's website.
It is blurry for me but I think I started to post them five years ago this month. Wow. And I've been writing about Treasure Maps on since about 2003. More wow.

Anyway, It is going to be a strong 28 day cycle with Pluto and Uranus acting like feral cats, peeing all over the place until someone gets the note that they will not be ignored.

I hope you all will read the whole article and more to the point I hope you will make a Treasure Map. On Thursday I will put up Treasure Map post.

Here's a snippet from the article.

Aries New Moon

So, what does this month’s lunar phase say about the next twenty eight days? And perhaps the next twelve months? Well there will definitely be breakthroughs but we should also expect agitation.

The Sun, Moon, Mercury and Uranus are all on top of each other. And this cluster of Aries energy is fiery, robust, loud and all about number one. But all that energy could have misfires given the four of them are in one major harsh angle with Pluto. Tension will be high as we build our treasure maps, we will want to accomplish a lot and we will want to do it right away. The square is accenting the speed but under that urge is a vein of regret. Enter the square with Pluto. Many of us will contemplate where we screwed up, what we neglected, what we messed up. We will be annoyed with all the people, places and situations that got our attention instead of us putting attention on ourselves. Remember Aries is about ‘self’, breaking out and carving our own path. And Mercury the planet of our thinking and our brain is retrograde which puts emphasis on the past a place Aries does not normally hang out. This coupled with the pressure by Pluto who is usually desperate to explode will add to the agitation. Sparks will fly.

Then there is Uranus who is coloring the whole month (and year for that matter). Uranus likes to shake things up. We may feel inner earthquakes, lightning bolts and electrical charges. Things that are novel and innovative will speak to us. The news will undoubtedly have shake ups and possible new contraptions.

But what does it mean to have shake ups at a time when we are thinking about our new year? Is it a coincidence that this new moon is right on top of the great shaker? No, of course not. We are shaking stuff up for our future. Not just a few months down the road but our future for years. Why is it so important? Because Uranus is in Aries until 2019 and it hooks up with the Aries new moon only four times between now and then. When it does, those of us who are smart (that would be you and me) will watch what comes up in our hearts, minds and world during the new moon and consider it a message from the future.

At the same time that Uranus is coaxing us out of our comfort zone we have Pluto in Capricorn putting pressure to rebuild our infrastructure. Not just highways and bridges but the infrastructure in our lives. Pluto heals from a deep place but it only works when we identify the things that aren’t working.

Go to link for whole article.


  1. Hi Tracy, I have been following you since MDC several years ago. I have made treasure maps for three years and am always trying to get my friends to make them. It is just amazing. This year has completely surpassed what I dreamed up on my treasure map (one thing that came to fruition was from my map 2 years ago). I can't wait to do another one. And I look for your post today.

  2. Ah, that is just wonderful news, Joni.
    Be sure and post on the MDC Treasure Map thread.
    I'm posting it soon. Hugs and Happy New Year!!