Saturday, March 10, 2012

Two weeks of clean sweeps

I meant to remind you guys earlier, but I hope you are cleaning up your houses. We are in the final two weeks of the zodiac lunar calendar and you have got some stuff to do.

On Thursday March 22 at 10:37am EST will be Aries New Moon. This is the beginning of the new year and it is during the first 3 days ideally or if you can't get it done that quickly then the first 10 days. And if you still need more time then you can do it up until April 6 (Full moon)but whatever it takes, you need to make your Treasure Map.

What is a Treasure Map? Well, it is basically a collage and you cut out photos, draw, write words, print affirmations, I don't care what you do but you take time to get your goals and desires down. Goals and desires for the whole year. You set your intention for those goals and during the year you will either see manifestations or changes that will later lead to manifestations.

So, why am I talking about that now? Because between now and then you need to clean your house, clean your cupboards, clean your bookcases (god, that is one I am desperate to do). Also you may unload beliefs, opinions and possibly people. You clear out the stuff that NO LONGER SERVES. And if there is stuff that is broken then either get rid of it or take it to the shop to be repaired.

So, you have got a lot to do between now and March 22. When we get closer to the date I will put up a post for the New Moon article and the New Moon Treasure map.

But until then you can look at last year's to get an idea how they work.

In the meantime, bring out your brooms and start sweeping. Or pay someone to do it!

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