Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mercury Retrograde is about to flow

Mercury retrograde March 12, 3:49am

Let’s dance to a Mercury Retrograde
And just to send home the point that our minds need to shut down and spirit needs to speak to us, the Universe in all its glory presents us with a Mercury retrograde right smack in the middle of the Pisces Lunar month. Mercury turns retrograde on March 12 and continues until April 4th. All the mercury retrogrades in 2012 are in fire signs and this one is Mercury in Aries where the brain is sharp and quick and very impatient. As one can guess Mercury in Aries can be mentally agitating even on good days but what happens to it on a retrograde? Well, let’s say tempers and tongues will be short for three weeks!

But what is under that Mercury Aries frustration? What is making people rush? Why are people short with one another? At its core they do not trust. Are you starting to see a theme? How perfect that this mercury retrograde is in a lunar cycle where we are being asked to double down in finding our intuition and learning to trust.

During the retrograde we all need to count to ten before we say something we may later regret. We need to NOT click SEND when we are angry. Send that email the next day. We need to breathe, breathe, breathe and we need to exercise. Aries wants to be moving so instead of shooting off your mouth or driving like a crazy person, go to the gym. Or clean out your house. Mercury retrogrades are great for researching so prepare and research your heart out. And if someone says something incredibly lame to you—ask yourself if it is worth getting into it with them? Maybe it is but maybe it is not and then ask yourself an even bigger question---“Were you really surprised by their lameness?” “Didn’t you know it was going to go that way?” So, why get in a tizzy? They are what they are and…. Let it go. Ah, there is that theme again.

Remember before the retrograde and after the retrograde are shadow periods. The shadow starts on Feb 27 and the shadow after the retrograde ends on April 23. Do we hide in our house and do nothing for those 3 months? NO. We just simply take note that some stuff might come up after Feb 27 and be revisited by the end of April 23. As always take care of all your technology. Get the car checked, get the tires checked, fix the printer, buy the new computer software, sign important documents all before March 12th . If you can’t do it before March 12 then wait until after April 4th. One special note Mercury will retro back to Pisces in the middle of the retrograde so our short tempers may be replaced with ennui and a real desire to hear Spirit. That can only be helpful for sure.

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