Sunday, March 25, 2012

What is up this week?

The week Ahead

As I mentioned in my new moon article, we are all watching what comes up globally and personally between March 24th and March 29th because the Sun in Aries is acting like an emissary between two hostile nations for those five days.

On the 24th he is on top of Uranus and then on the 29th he is Square to Pluto. Both Uranus and Pluto are pushing each other up against the wall. They will do it seven times between 2012 and 2015 and the first shove takes place on June 24 the second push on September 19. The tension will be palpable from the beginning of June through October. These aspects are awakening us to new ways.

We may get a window to what we want and don’t want during these 5 days which could go hand in hand with the changes coming between this summer and 2015.

3/26: Crescent Moon for the next three days we receive information that ties to the seeds we planted on new. The emphasis will be on real estate, money, resources and things that are practical.

3/29 Mercury/Venus: Clever and playful, accent on loving communication and sensitivities.

3/29Sun/Pluto : thank god for the mercury/venus aspect because the Sun/Pluto makes it a bitch of a day. (see above) Power versus freedom. Yuck

3/30: ¼ moon. We make more actions based on the seeds we planted on new moon and the information we just received in the last few days. We have 3 days to further our goals and intent. The emphasis will be on family and roots. Our emotions will be high. Do you know how to ride ocean waves? When a big wave comes you should dive deep remain calm and then pop up on the other side of the wave. Can you do this with any big emotions that come up? We have 3 days of action

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