Sunday, March 18, 2012

This very big week ahead

Did you feel yourself start to fade today? You knew you had stuff to do but just couldn't do it? Great you are right on time. We are now in the Balsamic phase of the balsamic month of the lunar year. About 360 days ago we began our journey and now we are in the final days of wrapping it up.

If you want to do yourself a big favor you will do the following between now and Thursday.
Clean your desk.
Clean your office.
Clean your home.
Clear out the clutter.

You will NOT start any new project, send any important letter or ,= begin anything close to your heart. All of that must wait until Thursday March 22 at 10:37am EDT.

Balsamic: We let go. By releasing we can prepare for the new.

Focus on
We release our intellect. We release our need to be in a group. We release our community. We release the need to be in a pack. We release our rebel. We release our group of likeminded people so that we can be ready to strike out on our own and actualize our very real goals for self.

Special focus:
3/18: Mercury/Uranus: Revisiting the same aspect from 3/5. Brilliant thoughts and highly inspired conversation. The brain is on def con 1. A day of potential excellent connections.

3/20: Sun in Aries: Wish your Aries Happy Birthday. Give them an itune card so they can get what they want that supports their ‘on the go’ year.
Don’t even bother to try and see them. They don’t have time this year.

3/21: Sun/Mercury: Thinking and communication are fiery and groundbreaking. Our brain is inspried and motivated.

March 22---begin you treasure map! Will post that infor later.

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