Monday, March 5, 2012

Rush Limbaugh's Chart

Well, I guess this was the week to inspire me to go looking for Rush Limbaugh's birth data (I never cared before now). Along the way I found a chart already generated on Astrotheme.

I am not sure where they got the data but their birth information is January 12, 1951 at 7:50am in Cape Girardeau, Mo. On that data he is a Capricorn with Moon in Pisces and Aquarius Rising. Of course his career in radio is a natural fit for the Aquarius Rising since Aquarius rules radio and TV. Capricorn is the most conservative sign in the zodiac which does not always mean a translation to Conservative Politics. Capricorns like to conserve in general and they hate to waste anything. In Rush's case he is a well known conservative but I think this week his propensity to 'not waste' got the better of him. Going after Sandra Fluke was too easy a target and he would have probably kicked himself for missing the opportunity to bash. Unfortunately for him the mortal blow may be self inflicted.

His Moon in Pisces is of course where things get a bit tricky. Moons are moody by nature and to have a moon in Pisces is double downing in moodiness. It is also a highly emotional placement for a moon. And it is through his emotions that he speaks to his audience. So, what's tricky about that? Unfortunately, A Moon in Pisces does not put a premium on truth. Instead they value the emotional connections more. They value art, they value their instincts, they value their religion or spirituality, they value things that can't be described. But truth? Ah, no. Truth is for other signs, like Sagittarius, Leo (to a certain extent) and perhaps Aries. How many planets does Rush have in those signs? One and it is Pluto, which is not personal, it is a generational planet meaning anyone born about seven years before him and after him has Pluto in Leo. He speaks to his generation for sure. But to tell the truth and find the truth? No. He doesn't even have a planet in the 9th house which will go hunting for truth. However, he does have Mars in Aquarius in the first house which feels like a truth seeker but really at its core, that speaks more to his passion for rebel rousing.

Currently, Uranus at 3 degrees of Aries is oppose Rush's Saturn in Libra. Saturn in Libra is pointing out the weaknesses in relationships and in particular point out what is fair and what is not fair. Uranus moves at his own pace and is weird, I'm sure Rush felt blindsided by the reaction. He's just doing his thing not paying any attention and bam! He had no idea it was not just Sandra who felt attacked it was women in general. In addition, Uranus is about to square his Natal Uranus which is impacting people born about a year before and after him and it ties to one of the 'what am I doing with my life?' transits. Many people will be contemplating retirement during this aspect. Will Rush retire? I guess it depends if new advertisers step in to replace those eight who left this weekend.

His Mercury is at 2 degrees Capricorn is of course open territory from Uranus in Aries. He just may have reached too far. Jupiter in Taurus will eventually reach a nice trine with his Sun later this year, maybe that will help soften the blow. But there is no denying that these were tough aspects and it may have permanently altered his career.

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