Sunday, March 4, 2012

Full Moon - Virgo

Full Moon Virgo
Thursday March 8 4:39am EST

What can I say that you are not already feeling? Virgos are what makes the world work, Virgos heal us when we are sick, Virgo takes care of the details when the rest of us go sloppily through our lives. Virgo is a wonderful, earthbound, practical sign. And for that we need to say, “Thank you”.

But and yes, there is a butT. We have all been feeling a butt kicking with Mars the warrior. He has been in Virgo since November and he is staying there until summer. Normally, he is in a sign for about six weeks but for us lucky earthlings (Sigh), he is in Virgo for about 8 months this year. And why talk about Mars now? Because this full moon is right on Mars. It is the only full moon that will conjunct Mars and let’s face it, we’re pissed. And on the run up to the full moon we may double down in our annoyance. Whom are we pissed? Well, in no particular order: People who are insecure, people who micromanage, people who criticize, people who don’t edit themselves, people who complain, and people who whine and bitch.

And what are we going to do about it? Well, with Mercury about to go retrograde and a co-ruler of Virgo. He is in a sharp aspect with Pluto which will drive some people to speak up. Probably some people to FINALLY speak up. And some people are just going to cut to the chase and get action happening that is specific and effective. It might sting but death by a thousand cuts is no pleasure and the relief of a final blow may be a great relief for some.

Of course, with the Sun in Pisces the goal is release. We are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Where are you feeling critical? Are you sick and tired of it? What actions can you take on the run up and on the full moon to remedy the situation? What needs to be healed both physically (Virgo) and psychically (Pisces). And there is the other side to Pisces, the sloppy, pessimistic, victimy, ‘what’s-the-use’ Pisces. That Pisces at duel with hyper critical Virgo could bring out the worst in all of us with everyone saying, “See I have to do the work because no one else can do it right!” My suggestion is if you find yourself saying that, then try to release those people, places or situations and walk away. There is something so liberating to say, “This is now out of my hands” as you walk off toward the light.

If you feel crazy and your mind is going a million miles an hour, go for a walk, go for a swim, move your body and calm down. If your tongue is wickedly sharp, breathe before speaking. Breathe before replying to an incendiary email. Release as much as you can and be as practical as you can. During smooth times we can if we are lucky take life day by day. During tense periods we have to take life hour by hour. This full moon and the run up will be the later. Hour by hour we will get through.

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  1. Virgo butt kicking in the news...teacher rating controversy, sick hospitals (6 in New York City), Johnson & Johnson CEO resigns. Pisces Mitt driving car on cover of the New Yorker with Sanctorum in doghouse strapped to car roof.