Saturday, March 3, 2012

What's up ahead

We have a very interesting week ahead for us. Today of course, the Moon is in Cancer, making a wonderful trine with the Pisces Sun. I am sure we all will feel a bit dreamy today and a bit cozy. At the same time there is some cold reality in the mix with Sun opposition volatile Mars in critical Virgo. That feeling that something is not up to snuff will permeate even the good and cozy. Maybe for some of us it will simply mean, "Okay, I will go to the gym and then I'll get back to the cozy." Virgo feels guilty for everything and Mars in the sign churns it up in all of us (until July).

Sunday 3/4 : Venus/Saturn: cold versus love, weak partners exposed, investing in new structures to support love

Gibbous Moon
Sunday 3/4 5:52pm

Focus on: What are you forgetting about your roots? How has your spirituality or lack of it impacted your family? How has your childhood impacted your spirituality or lack of it? What do your emotions tell you about your faith? What are you neglecting right now that impacts your need for spirituality?

Monday 3/5: Venus in Taurus

Monday 3/5: Mercury/Uranus: Brilliant thoughts and highly inspired conversation. The brain is on def con 1. A day of potential excellent connections.
Monday 3/6: Venus/Neptune: A cloud of love and joy lift spirits, gentle love inspires, resources receive a gentle unusual boost.

Thursday March 8 4:39am --Full Moon.
Will post full moon soon. Happy Purim btw.

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