Friday, May 18, 2012

Gemini New Moon Round #1 & Eclipse

Sunday May 20,  7:47pm EDT

At least half of the United States will be aware of Sunday's Gemini New Moon and Solar Eclipse because we'll be watching it.    I find that actually seeing something big up there in the sky does a world of good for getting people's attention.   Kind of like a blimp on steroids.

We are about to embark on a wild 28 days.   And just when we think we're done we are going to get another wild 28 days with a second new moon in Gemini at the end of June.  
Are you flexible?  Are you willing to make changes?  How is your communication?  What information is coming to you?  What data are you processing?   You need to be light and breezy, not a time to be emotional.  Let the processing begin!

You will find the whole article HERE.     But here is a snippet.


New Moon Phase

May 20, 7:47pm

00 Gemini 21

Solar Eclipse

Let’s first talk about the eclipse.  It is an annular eclipse which is not the same as a total eclipse.  A total eclipse shuts off the sun completely.  This one is over 90 percent full which creates something called a ‘ring of fire’.   What is funny about this is that the path of the eclipse goes over the other ‘ring of fire’ the seismic one.   It is an exciting time for those of us in western United States because the eclipse starts in China works its way over Japan, the northern Pacific Ocean, Canada, Washington, Oregon, California (over the Facebook office) then Nevada, and Rocky Mountain States all before sunset.  Around Texas the sun sets before the eclipse so it will not be seen in central and eastern USA .    Here is the map and a description of what you will see. 

All eclipses are either on a new moon which speaks to new beginnings or on a full moon which speaks to emotional adjustments.   In this case, the eclipse is speaking to our intellect, communication, new thoughts and also siblings, neighbors and newspapers (or the 21st century equivalent).   At its core it speaks to how we connect and what lines we draw between dots.  Sometimes the lines are accurate—and sometimes they are not.  Do you know the difference?

Gemini road ahead

Gemini is our first air sign in the zodiac.  After the firestorm of Aries and the earthen responsibilities of Taurus we are now ready for a breezy Gemini wind filled with new ideas and new thoughts.   

Geminis are great talkers and we hope good communicators.   Wait, what is that?  Aren’t good talkers great communicators?  Nope.    As we know many people can say a lot of things but communicate nothing.   And even Gemini can get stuck.  Especially when they connect dots that have no business being connected. 

But, and this is important, Gemini is also the MOST clever sign of the zodiac and Spirit in his infinite wisdom is trusting that all of us will use this Gemini time to get clever because two weeks after this powerful Gemini Solar Eclipse we get a Lunar eclipse in Sagittarius (Gemini’s opposite sign) then followed by ----drum roll---another Gemini New Moon!   What?  Say it ain’t so.   Yep, the first Gemini New Moon on May 20th is at one degree of Gemini and the second one on June 19 is at twenty nine Gemini.   Now let’s do the math together; each lunar calendar is 28 days so 28 x 2 means we are going to have 56 days of Gemini energy.  Do you think Spirit is sending us a message about our thinking and our communication and perhaps, just perhaps both need to be fine-tuned or overhauled?    I see you nodding your heads yes.   I feel the same.  

There is so much going on for the next eight weeks that it is impossible to overstate the following:  If you have not changed  your thinking or thinking style or your communication or communication style between May 20 and July 18  then you are not paying attention.     And if you are not paying attention then prepare for possibly the less evolved Gemini stuff to come up in your life.  Such as; mindless gossip, lies, shallow connections, manipulation, nervousness, tension, boredom, ADHD type of restlessness and of course a brain so in overdrive that it MindF***ks itself.   

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