Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Neptune Retrograde

I discussed Neptune's retrograde scheduled for next week in my Gemini New Moon article.  But of course I am always a fan of putting up other people's take on a subject.

Here are a few that might be of interest to you:
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From Diana Black's blog.

Neptune entered Pisces, its home sign, in February bringing some much needed optimism to the world’s energy. On June 4th Pisces will retrograde (appears from the Earth to be going backwards in sky, though this is only an optical illusion its effects play out in our realities). When this phenomenon occurs to the planet Neptune, we usually, and sometimes reluctantly, get a glimpse of what we have overlooked. This occurs right after a full moon and a partial lunar eclipse in Sagittarius (truth). These actions are square (90 degrees) to Neptune in Pisces as it retrogrades so the tension from those aspects will force issues on to the surface and in to the light. What we couldn’t see before stares us in our faces and we are forced to see the world as it really is, often leading to regrets about what we have taken for granted or were “fairy -charmed” into believing. We can be in for some real “hangovers” when we sober up under this retrograde (reduction in Neptunian influence).

There is also a nice write up at Lynn Koiner's site.   Go  to link for full article

Similar to the natal retrograde Neptune, the transiting retrograde causes sensitivity and receptivity to be much more acute. Due to this heightened receptivity, we are allowed to see far more than is possible when Neptune is direct. This is possibly a result of augmented intuitive or inner vision that bestows a different and more insightful perspective on matters.
Delusional hits: June 24-29 (Jupiter), September 1-2 (Mercury), October 3-4 (Venus), October 6-8 (Mars), October 29-30 (Mercury), Neptune rules denial!
When Neptune turns retrograde, our feelings are more astute at picking up and perceiving the illusive. It is easier to ascertain information about issues that have eluded us while Neptune was direct. Delphine Jay feels that it is essential that we do something about the problems that we pick up on while Neptune is retrograde because they can worsen when Neptune goes direct. I personally have noticed that, if you do not work on an internal level while Neptune is retrograde, you will be plagued by feelings of disillusion and vague dissatisfaction.

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  1. Thanks for explaining about neptune retrograde. I've found its helped me to rethink my way forwards and learn from my mistakes. Thanks for the clarity and explanation.