Thursday, May 17, 2012

Speaking of FB: Eduardo Saverin

So, while everyone gets rich off FB, one co-founder is enjoying Singapore slings in the light of a Malaysian sunset.   Eduardo Saverin is in the news for renouncing his US citizenship so that he can be spared paying 60 million in taxes when his 4 percent of FB shares goes to the moon tomorrow.

Per Wikipedia Eduardo was born in Sao Paulo on March 13, 1982 and is a Pisces with Moon in Scorpio and probably a Jupiter conjunct the moon (we don't know the time).   Jupiter the biggest planet on top of the Moon makes for big emotions.  The element of crime that was around  him as a youth sort of speaks to this Jupiter/Moon Scorpio.   And with Scorpio it could be big greed.  But also, Jupiter loves to travel and maybe he likes to keep rolling along god's green earth to experience everything first hand.   There are a lot of people pissed at him.   And I must admit I find the idea of bailing on a citizenship because of taxes loathsome.  And not just US but any country.  
However, it is possible that we are misreading his  intentions especially given Pisces are often misinterpreted.    And God knows transiting Saturn is on his Pluto which is never comfortable with his judgmental looks and stares.   But at the same time he is probably doing his own poking back at the world. 
I remember when I saw the movie Social Network I felt sorry for his character because I thought being paired up with Zuckerberg was no day in the park.  But now, I'm wondering perhaps they deserved each other.   I dunno.

Here's an interesting thought on the whole magillah. 

When Eduardo Saverin was 13, his family discovered that his name had turned up on a list of victims to be kidnapped by Brazilian gangs. Saverin’s father was a wealthy businessman in São Paulo, and it was inevitable that he’d attract this kind of unwanted attention. Now the family had to make a permanent decision. They hastily arranged a move out of the country. And of all the places in the world they could move to, the Saverin family saw only one option. They took their talents to Miami.
Would it be too much to say that America saved Eduardo Saverin? Probably.

Maybe that’s just too overwrought. The Saverins were just another in a long line of immigrants who’d come to America for the opportunity it affords—the opportunity, among other things, to not have to worry that your child will be kidnapped just because you’ve become wealthy.

Just because his parents moved here doesn’t mean Eduardo Saverin owes America anything, right?
Yet if you study the trajectory of Saverin’s life—the path that took him from being an immigrant kid to a Harvard student to an instant billionaire to the subject of an Oscar-winning motion picture—it emerges as a uniquely American story. At just about every step between his landing in Miami and his becoming a co-founder of Facebook, you find American institutions and inventions playing a significant part in his success
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