Thursday, May 3, 2012

Scorpio New Moon

16 Scorpio 01

Saturday May 5

11:35pm EDT

The Sun in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio speak of resources.   Taurus is the resources that are in your home and your property and your safe deposit box.    With Scorpio the resources are outside your house.  They are the resources such as the bank that loans you money to buy your house or the insurance company  that protects your house.    Additionally, Taurus which loves to be practical and hold on to status quo is the fat couch you are sitting on.   Scorpio likes to co-mingle and mix it all up, he is the person whom you have sex with on the fat couch.   The energies are similar but at the same time different. 

On this Full Moon we find a little extra pull towards the Sun.  Jupiter the biggest planet in the solar system is in conjunction with the Sun.    So, imagine a teeter totter with the Sun on one side and the moon on the other and now imagine a big o’ sumo wrestler joining the sun.    Can you see the weight shifting?    Yep.  Jupiter will be pushing the conversation towards Taurus issues.   Money, resources, properties and values. 

During the three day full moon you will be doubling down in about things you own.   Why do you own it?  Is it costing you more than it is worth?   What else is costing you more than it is worth?   At the same time, Scorpio which on an organic level is concerned about power will be keen on asking you---how do you waste  your power chasing things?     Do you own it or does it own you?    How else do you give away your  power because you are so invested in maintaining the status quo?   And how is being lazy keeping you away from your power?

 Given the full moon also has a Trine between Pluto and the Sun, if you are ready to ditch some stuff, you will not find it too painful.    Also, Saturn trine Venus (ruler of Taurus) which also sends home the message, “Less is more”.    

Mercury in late Aries in opposition to Saturn in Libra continues to send our brains to balance out all relationships. 

And remember Scorpio is about empowerment but how can you be empowered if you are busy chasing paychecks to pay for things that maybe no longer serve you?   

Use this full moon to re-evaluate what is important to you and to ditch the rest.

Oh and  Happy Cinco de Mayo!   Ole’

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  1. Excellent post. As a Taurus, I seem to be feeling it this year more than most. :-)