Sunday, May 27, 2012

Week Ahead

Gosh, I don't know about you but I am grateful for the three day weekend in the US so I don't have to hear about Facebook.  

On the afternoon (EDT) of Memorial Day we have a First Quarter moon.   This is a good time to take actions that are based on the seeds you planted on New Moon eight days ago.   In particular this first quarter moon is having us get our 'Virgo' on. 

Focus on:   What actions can you take that take care of details?  What needs to be booked and double checked?   What is slipping through the crack?  Can you catch it?  How are you dotting the I’s and t’s?   How does it speak to your ability to communicate?    

Later in the week:
On 5/30: Mercury and Mars are in a tough position.  Expect arguments, fighting words, snark to the tenth degree.   

On Friday, June 1st at 2:17am (EDT) we will go into the gibbous moon.   With gibbous moons we need to refine any informations that we have received in the last twelve days.   We organize ourselves to make sure we have not neglected anything.  We refine our actions.  

This Gibbous Moon is Libra so...

Focus on:    What shifts and pivots can you make in your relationships that will improve your communication?   How are you neglecting balance?  Where do you need to bring in yang?  Or where do you need to bring in more yin?  

Coincidentally on June 1st Mercury and Venus are in a nice aspect which supports gentle conversation, loving thoughts expressed although it is more mentally kind than gooey sentimental.

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