Sunday, June 3, 2012

Full Moon

June 4, 2012 7:11am EDT

Sagittarius Full Moon – Lunar Eclipse

14 Sag 13

This full moon in Sag has an extra potency since it is also a lunar eclipse. The emphasis is brain and intellect versus beliefs and knowledge.    With the Gemini Sun our brains are switched ‘on’ and we see opportunities and possibilities everywhere.   At the same time the moon in Sagittarius is asking you to look at what you believe.  Does it match the opportunities you see in front of you?   If you see some great possibilities does your belief system hold you back from those possibilities?   For example, if you hear of an interesting job possibility but it is a different size, shape or color than you saw for yourself (belief) you would be wise to take a moment and think about it.    What is going on with your beliefs, how do they limit you?    Or how have you been schooled?   When you were young your family schooled you, then it was your education that schooled you, your friends, your community and your religion have all educated you.    Now on this eclipse you have a moment to see if that ‘education’ is still serving you?  In the current Gemini cycle we are light on our feet, we are deft because we need to pivot quickly.  We move to the right, left, up and down we are twisting and turning quickly for a reason.   We have to shake things up because things are shaking us up.   Read that twice.   Be adventurous, find a new truth, be alive and watch your opinions.  Some of them are spot on and some are misguided—but don’t worry someone will you set you straight, after all it is an eclipse!

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