Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Gemini New Moon
June 19 11:02 am EDT

Today we begin our second new moon in Gemini.  Occassionally this will happen where one moon is so early in a degree of a sign that the very next month we get another new moon in the same sign.

I think it has been an interesting period.   Cool, unemotional, detached but still thought provoking and insightful.  Now we get another 28 day wave of cool thinking.  Our brains will be on overload but we can handle it.   Stay light on your feet and you'll be okay.

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New Moon Phase

June 19, 11:02am

28 Gemini 43

Recap of last Gemini Moon

Twenty eight days ago we had a Gemini New Moon at Zero Gemini and now here we are at 29 degrees and we get another Gemini New Moon!    It is strange to be at the final degree of a sign with a new moon, after all a new moon speaks to new beginnings and new opportunities and the 29th degree speaks to wrapping up Gemini’s business.  What does this mean?  Simply said, for the last month we have gotten our butts kicked with issues pertaining to communication, siblings, and neighbors and of course the written word.  It was an overwhelming process as data was coming in from all corners.   How many times did your brain feel like it was short circuiting?   Did you get clarity on any issues?  Did you clarify stuff for others?  Do you feel like you are on the other side of some hurdles?   If not, then here is the good news, you get another Gemini new moon to elevate your communication skills and get your head screwed on right.  

Round Two

This cycle like the other Gemini New moon, puts the accent on what we say, why we say it and how we say it.   It is cycle where information will come to us in ways we could not have predicted.   We could be driving down the street thinking about something someone said to us years ago and have a whole new insight about it.  Our brains will be electrified.    And if there are lies being said (Gemini is dualistic) then what does our gut say ‘is the truth’?   If we are smart we will have ‘gut checks’ all month.    One thing different from the last month’s Gemini Moon is that this one will have a bit more wisdom (whether we know it or not) due to Saturn and Neptune who are both in trine to Sun & Moon.   Saturn speaks to us finding real concrete support and Neptune gives us hope.    With the Saturn influence we are strategic, we are conservative and we don’t have the luxury to waste our time or brain on thoughts that do not serve our lives or our future.    With Neptune in a supportive position bumps in our thinking could simply dissolve.   Do you ever wonder how small thoughts could keep you from your good?   This month Neptune could melt some that thinking.   We also will be inspired in new ways.    Of course, Gemini is changeable (we don’t call it mutable for nothing) and like the last new moon we should be ready to make changes at a drop of a hat.  We wake up in the morning prepared to do A and B but right away we realize we have to ditch A& B and instead prepare to do to Y and Z.     The next 28 days will be filled with us pivoting.   For those of us who find flexibility a difficult trait you would be wised to take deep breaths and then shift.  It will open you up to a world of change and plenty of good.   

Mars Squared
And if we are confused where we need to shift this cycle then we will have Mars to point the way.   Mars is in a tense aspect with Sun/Moon so we should expect to see conflicts exactly in the areas that need new approaches.   

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