Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Week Ahead !

We have a big ass week in front of us.

We have discussed tomorrow's Uranus/Pluto Square quite a bit.  Although the first hit is centered tomorrow and the pressure has been mounting, the truth is that it is not all about June 24th.   We don't wake up June 25th and wash our hands and say, "Phew, glad that day is over, get me some margaritas."   Nope.  It is more like we are in a washing machine and god pushes the SPIN button on the 24th.   We will be spinning for quite some time (2015) but certainly we should expect this summer to be quite intense as we process the months between hit one in June and hit two in September.      And coming in just in time (because the Universe  has a wicked sense of humor) will be the Supreme court Justices ruling on Health Care Mandate scheduled for this week. 

And then there is Saturn turning direct on Monday 6/25 and Venus turning direct on 6/27. I discussed this in my new moon article:

Saturn & Venus turn direct

On June 25 Saturn will finally end its retrograde in Libra which has been going on for the last five months.   God, how have those relationships been treating you?  And sure when we think of ‘relationships’ we think of husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend BUT that is not all relationships.  How about your relationship with your co-worker?  Your friends?  Your boss?  Your family?  Your son’s teacher?   Remember it is about the ‘relationship’ not the players.   That hard to describe energy that exists between two people.  That is a relationship.   And it is has been up for re-evaluation.  Some of you have looked at your relationship with your friends and seen them as strong and authentic and your relationship with your spouse as weak; others have seen the relationship with intimate partners as strong and those relationships with the outside world weak.   Whatever has been processed in the last five months will be ready for prime time after Saturn turns direct and flies right.   We will be clarifying our roles in our relationships with new enthusiasm after June 25.    Then on June 27 Venus stations direct.    Venus has been in Gemini since April 3 and will eventually move into Cancer on August 7th.   That is a whole lotta Gemini energy surrounding our values, things we love, our money and resources.    Gemini is of course more mental than emotional.  We have analyzed our relationships in a lot of detail but it has not been an emotional time.   Perhaps we needed to be mental about relationships so our feelings don’t cloud the important information.  What has Venus been telling us since April?    

And on Friday the 29th we will feel a super cranked up energy.

On June 29th the Sun will be opposed Pluto and will Square Uranus.   This is a powerful day that comes up once a year.   Pluto will feel challenged by the Sun as family feels pitted against the greater world.   Who has to work when they really feel they need to be home?  Who needs to break out of the hiding place that is home and step up in a more public way for the world to see?   Uranus will want to rebel.  Lightening will be looking for a place to strike.  No doubt there will be global events that will get our attention.     Luckily on the same day there is a nice aspect between Mercury and Jupiter which should help bring in diplomacy and smooth communication. 

Looking at that Menu of events you can see why I put up the bumpy road photo.  

We do also have some other aspects worth mentioning.

6/23:  Sun/Neptune: Inspired, creative, gentle humanitarian energy.
6/25: Jupiter/Neptune: Opinions rub up against beliefs and spirituality.  Beware of the loud and the delusional.
6/25: Mercury enters Leo

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