Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Debate Chart

Chris Brennan & Patrick Watson over at Political Astrology Blog have just put charts on the upcoming debates. 

I have not finished reading it but I wanted to put up a link to the article so you can take a read.

Here is one snippet.  Go to the link for the whole article which weighs both candidate charts against the Debate Chart.

I will say with the ruler of the 9th in the3rd in the debate chart, plus Saturn Conjunct Mercury in Libra, my guess is the winner could be moderator Jim Leherer   Although, I took a peek at his chart and he has got Chiron square Mercury (building).   Ouch.

Anyway, check out the article. 

The Inception Chart for the First Debate

  • Chart for first Presidential DebateThe first debate begins with 22 Aries rising in Denver.
  • The main signature in the chart is the applying Moon-Mars opposition, with the Moon at 24° Taurus and Mars at 27° Scorpio. This is a repetition of the same configuration that was occurring during the DNC last month. The Moon here is actually very close to the same degree as when Obama accepted the nomination. The Moon will conjoin the ascendant exactly right at the end of the debate.
  • The second most striking placement in the chart is that Venus moves into Virgo the day of the debate. At the time that the debate begins the closest aspect in the chart is Venus at 0° Virgo opposing Neptune at 0° Pisces, within 8 minutes of arc. This Venus-Neptune opposition is one of the main signatures for the first debate, since it is the closest aspect in the chart.
  • This is the only debate that will take place while Saturn is still in Libra.
  • Another signature is Mercury conjunct Saturn, with Mercury at 27° Libra and Saturn at 29°. This conjunction will set at the descendant very early on in the debate, between 7:13 and 7:20 PM in Denver. Traditionally Mercury-Saturn combinations are associated with difficulties in communication, which in this context might mean some sort of verbal gaffe, or perhaps one of the candidates literally having problems speaking.

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