Sunday, October 28, 2012

Taurus Full Moon

October 29  3:49pm EDT

Taurus Full Moon


“Raise your hand high if you are like me and you love Taurus Full Moon.”    Honestly, what is not to love when The Universe sends us a big chiropractor adjustment?   Taurus speaks to our values.    Scorpio speaks to death and rebirth.    On Scorpio full moon we have an opportunity to ditch things that are no longer in sync with our values.   The easy stuff is of course the clutter in our houses.  The more difficult stuff is within our relationships.   And this Scorpio full moon falls in the Libra lunar cycle which is all about relationships, including the one with self.    Where are we accepting nonsense?   Where are we exerting power?   Where are we afraid to show power?   On this full moon Saturn is in conjunction with Sun which simply says: walk your talk.   People focused on reality (Saturn) and practical application of their values (Taurus) and take no shit (Scorpio) will get this moon.


Scorpio speaks to life force.  It is our survival.   Use this full Moon to find your survival.   It speaks to you every day but perhaps you have not listened to it because of mitigating circumstances, like the fear that love will be removed from your life if you stand up for yourself?   Or maybe you have been a slave (there is a Scorpio word) to your job.  Is it time to risk a financial loss and stand up?   And how are any obsessions and compulsions (Scorpio & Taurus) undercutting your survival?


The Moon is in a beautiful trine with Pluto and sextile Chiron and the Sun trines Neptune.   We will be inspired (Neptune) to do what we need to do (Pluto) because it matters (Taurus)    Also, Mercury (Sag) trine Uranus (Aires) creates mental breakthroughs, meaning we ‘get’ stuff.   


Some of us know exactly where we are staying safe and small.   Perhaps giving up that which is more in sync with our values because we are afraid to say NO.   We don’t say NO because at our core whether we share it with anyone (or not) we feel we deserve scraps.   Who told us we deserve scraps?   Our history (Moon), our parents (DNA-Scorpio), our religion (Mercury in Sag) who told us this lie?  And why are we still believing it?   Take this full moon to remember you deserve more but as we all know, no two things can occupy the same space.   So what is it?  Are you going to stay small?  Or are you going to stretch and get out there and do the work that is in sync with your real values.   

Don’t bypass this wonderful opportunity provided the Taurus Full Moon.  



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