Thursday, October 4, 2012

Today Jupiter; Tomorrow Saturn


Today Jupiter turns retrograde and tomorrow Saturn goes into Scorpio.    Big changes are in store for us.

Today at 9:18am (EDT) Jupiter turns retrograde at 17 degrees Gemini and by the time it turns direct on January 30 it will have traveled back to  6/7 degree of Gemini.  *
Remember Jupiter is the largest planet in the zodiac and it acts like a huge magnet wherever he goes he attracts a mega lot.   In Gemini he is pulling together information from all over the world.   Huge amounts.   We are all getting an avalanche of data; even those of us who work like a dog to avoid gossip are getting pulled in.  The input is coming at us a million miles an hour.   Now with the retrograde we get to slow down and ask, “What do I really want to know or care about?”   We have the next four months to sift through the stuff that is meaningful and important.  Having this direction shift occur in Virgo lunar phase is another reminder that if we are overwhelmed with too much information and we  have lost our way with our bodies, our schedule and important details we will be relieved by the retrograde motion.  
Again, the universe is sending a message it is important to take care of our I’s and the T’s and not get lost in meaningless conversations.  The cruise ship that is our life is getting a push.   What information is important to our goals?  What is meaningless?  Do we know the difference?  Why or why not?   By the way, globally, the next four months will be putting journalists through the ringer.  All eyes will be on them especially if they screw up the facts.  


And then tomorrow (10/5) at 4:34pm Saturn moves into Scorpio.  Lordy.   Have we not all had enough of Saturn in Libra?  For the last two and half years we have had our eagle eye on our relationships.   Not just the husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend but ALL relationships.   The actual ‘relating’ has been under supervision.  How do we relate?  How do we find balance?  How do we negotiate?   That is the work we have been doing since 2009.   Now, with Saturn’s move into Scorpio we are beginning an entirely new journey.   Saturn the taskmaster, it is where we build fences and walls, it is our bones in our body, and it is where we are disciplined.   In Scorpio we are going to dig and tunnel, we are going to put on our ‘spy’ hats, we are looking under rocks and poking in places in search for resources.  Loans from banks fall under Scorpio’s jurisdiction along with sex and intimacy.   All of these are resources because they make us alive again.   That feeling you get when you have just had fling or a real moment of intimacy or how about that check that has been owed to you finally arrives in the mail?    It is Death and rebirth.   
The last time Saturn was in Scorpio was in 1983-1985.   At a cursory look at a time line, I’m struck by Reagan announcing defense plan called Star Wars; Soviets shoot down Korean Air, US Embassy in Beirut bombed.   Huge poison leak at Bhopal, India, PG-13 label created.  Famine in Ethiopia and Bob Geldof and the famine relief concert, Mikhail Gorbachev calls for Glasnost and Perestroika.  The Wreck of the Titanic is found.

It is not a light and breezy time when Saturn treks through Scorpio.  Personally we will all be looking at anything that feels ‘dead’ and what can we do to make it feel alive?   There will be focus on sex, tax, debt, loans, banks and rebirth.  How do we find power?  Do we look for it way outside of us?  Or do we know how to empower ourselves in nurturing way?  And more important do we know how to trust the universe and our gut and jump without a net?   Not too worry.  If we don’t feel like jumping and trusting at the beginning of the cycle we will by the time we get to 2015.   It is a challenging period but we’re ready for it.   Watch to see the dead stuff we get rid of between now and 2015.   Again, our little cruise ship is getting this current pushing on it's starboard.    Where is our ship taking us? 

 * revised 10/6  A poster noted I wrote 1 degee not 6/7 degree. Thank you!  You were correct.  I am not sure where I got 1 excep to say some of my notetaking is scrated the weirdest paper on my desk.   Including super small postets.


  1. I was struck with the timing of Nick Kristof's PBS program Half the Sky = all about sexual abuse of women. Female circumcision, child prostitution, abuse of women, all about sex and power issues. Carol T.

  2. Jupiter actually only goes back to 6 Gem (oh that I wish it were at 1 again! ;) But good post!

  3. Yes, you are right! It is 6 Gemini 19. Totally screwed that up. I'm thinking my handwriting for a 7 was sloppy and read it as 1.
    Thank you!

  4. Carol, yes, you mean with Saturn wrapping up his time in Libra? I can see that. I didn't watch Half the Sky but it totally makes sense.