Sunday, October 28, 2012

More Poltical Talk through Astrology lens

It gets heady but there is a lot of good information in this article by Joseph Crane.

You will find the full article over HERE.

Astrology Institute Newsletter: September 2012

By Joseph Crane

Special American Presidential Issue
Astrology Program September 2012 – A Mercury Retrograde Election – Obama and Romney – Many Predictive Indicators Examined
In the United States the Presidential season is upon us and is in its final months of greatest intensity. This is a tough contest between Republican challenger Mitt Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan vs. Democratic incumbent Barack Obama and his running mate Joe Biden. It’s time to look at the final lap and surmise its outcome. I will attempt to leave my partisanship and punditry behind and give sober astrological analysis using many predictive indicators for the Presidential candidates.
. Mercury goes retrograde on election night and this affects both men’s charts. Let’s look again at Obama’s and Romney’s natal charts: we know them better than before. Then I take on transits, secondary progressions, solar returns, and Hellenistic planetary period systems. I will compare both men by each predictive indicator and give some conclusions.
We must also factor in an unusual feature of American politics at this level: the usual fate of the unfortunate losers of U.S. Presidential elections. In Parliamentary systems, losing candidates for Prime Minister, if they wish to stay in office, are the leaders of the opposition party. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are now at the height of fame and importance, but three months from now one of them may be cast into the political wilderness. The Wheel of Fortune turns steeply for both candidates. This may help us make a prediction about who is more likely to emerge the winner in November

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