Thursday, October 11, 2012

I didn't see

the whole VP debate.  But I do believe I was correct on this point earlier in the week when I wrote:

Going back to the Moon for a minute. Moon will be squaring Mars, conjunct Venus, trine Pluto and trine Saturn.

In the debate chart the moon rules the 3rd house of communication and when I look at all this pronounced Moon stuff I cannot help but think that this puts the light on Martha Raddatz the moderator.

Moon is a female planet and typically we think of it as ‘mother’. Moon in Virgo is a critical Mom. Moon in Virgo square Mars in Sag is an opinionated critical mom. I think Martha is going to be wildly in charge of this debate and will hold both candidates feet to the fire. I would be blown away if she sits back and doesn’t bust either one of them on any hyperbole. She is also a seasoned foreign affairs reporter and has spent more of her life in warring countries than either candidate. My guess is she won’t be shy to remind them (Remember that Jupiter in the 1st house) of her background. And since Saturn and Venus are favorably aspecting the Moon along with Pluto trine Moon--I can’t help but think the audience will be supporting her. Maybe she is the participant playing the depth card?

Surprise, surprise, Martha is an Aquarian with Moon in either late Aquarius or early Pisces (we don’t know her time of birth). My guess is that she is probably something like 29 Aquarius or early Pisces and will be getting an opposition from the Moon in Virgo. She also has Uranus (building) in conjunction with her Mars right now. This is a once in a lifetime aspect but in Martha’s case it went over her Mars in April, it goes over it again the week of the election and then it goes over it again around the inauguration in January. Clearly this debate has gravitas in her chart and her future. And maybe the country’s future? Pluto and Chiron are also aspecting her moon but since we don’t know her time of birth we can’t say for sure what is the dates of those aspects.


  1. Seems like there's agreement, Tracy:

  2. On another note... It seems fitting, given Saturn's recent ingress into Scorpio that these two articles would grace the front page of the NYT at the same time.
    (I was really interested when you showed DSK's chart with its grand trine...)