Wednesday, October 3, 2012

So .....

Yesterday I posted a link to the debate chart over on political astrology blog. To me when I looked at the chart I saw the emphasis on the moderator.

I wrote:

"I will say with the ruler of the 9th in the3rd in the debate chart, plus Saturn Conjunct Mercury in Libra, my guess is the winner could be moderator Jim Leherer   Although, I took a peek at his chart and he has got Chiron square Mercury (building).   Ouch.

Well.  I should not have said 'winner' I should have said 'emphasis' but I definitely got the other part right.   Jim is definitely getting Chiron square his mercury.   Yeesh. Next time get dental surgery.


I'm not going to say I've done a poor job..."
That was Jim Lehrer's assessment of his performance as the moderator of the first presidential debate of the 2012 election. Sadly for him, many disagreed.
It was Lehrer's 13th time moderating, but he was largely unsuccessful in his attempts to corral the candidates. Both President Obama and Mitt Romney rolled right over him as, with increasing plaintiveness, he tried to get them to stop talking. "No, no, no," he said to Romney at one point.
By the end of the debate, Obama and Romney had taken so much free time that Lehrer had to inform them that they would not get to one of the 15-minute segments he had intended to moderate.
The reviews on Twitter were scathing. Conservative columnist John Podhoretz calledLehrer possibly "the worst moderator in the history of moderation." Even the normally mild-mannered Al Roker took a shot at Lehrer.
"I hope Jim Lehrer gets the license plate of the truck that drove over him in this debate," he tweeted.
The reviews on television were little better.

Fox News' Chris Wallace said that Lehrer "seemed to lose control" of the proceedings."I personally do not know who won this debate," Rachel Maddow said on MSNBC. "I do believe that we saw this debate format die a very painful death on camera tonight ... the format and, I think, the moderator, honestly, with all due respect to Jim Lehrer."
Lehrer's questions, which all asked the candidates if they thought there were "differences" between their views on broad policy topics, also came in for criticism.
"Crazy that Lehrer thinks any of these answers will come in under 15 mins given how broad the questions are," MSNBC's Alex Wagner tweeted.

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