Sunday, October 14, 2012

Libra New Moon 2012

Libra New Moon
October 15, 2012
8:02am EDT

Ah, it is going to be an interesting Libra cycle.  Will we make the decisions we need to make? Or will we hang out in "I can't decide"?    Ah, the conundrum. 

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Libra is the second air sign of the zodiac and as we know Communication is the mandate for all air signs.    With Gemini, the first air sign, our conversations are all around us.  We are talking to our siblings, our close friends, maybe a neighbor or two, sharing a fun gossip.   Now when we get to Libra we are talking to our partner.   We are looking at the other person across from us and finding ways to come together.   We are negotiating; we are finding the spot in between our two hearts and two brains.    


Libra’s ruling planet is Venus which (among many things) connects us to love, appreciation, money and values.    However, Libra is not mushy and overly romantic.   They do long for things that are nice and even keeled however they are not pushovers.   Hardly!   In fact they can be quite aggressive when they think something  is…“Not fair”     They have a propensity to bitch about things not fair in their life and they’ll bitch about things not fair in your life and the neighbor’s life and their cousin’s life and their co-worker’s life….”fair, not fair, fair, not fair…”  It is constantly on the tip of their tongue.    Of course, they are right that there is a lot of stuff in life that is not fair.  Some of it we can do something about and some of it we cannot.   What drives Libra crazy is figuring out which is which.   


In Search of Balance


At the core of Libra are the scales of balance.   They are always in search of equilibrium.   They feel lost if they can’t stick their hand out and feel another person.  Not to be cozy but more to find themselves through the other person.   They need to discuss much.  “Should I get the black car or the blue one?”  “Should I go for a raise before or after the third quarter numbers?”  They can be excellent negotiators when they want for themselves and for others.  They can be excellent lawyers.    They also have great ideas to help others find balance.  “If you ask me, you need someone to babysit one day a week so you can get your alone time.”     When they are excelling they are standing up, negotiating and finding a perfect balance of their needs while respecting and understanding other’s needs.    Unfortunately, when Libra is lame they are wildly co-dependent, giving up a lot just to maintain a relationship.  Even a lousy relationship.  And then they also can give up on things that they shouldn’t give up on because they superficially judge it as too much work.   Ah, cue the Clash, “Should I stay or should I go.”       

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