Friday, February 15, 2013

Cue, Jerry Bruckheimer! Aquarius Lunar Cycle!

Yes, Aquarius rules things that are odd and weird but seriously I had no idea that that the Aquarius lunar cycle would start off quite this odd. Seriously, ask yourself how often you have the following in one week?

The Pope resigns first time in 600 years.

North Korea tests nuclear bomb followed by a lot of rhetoric

A Presidential State of the Union speech is split screen with  a shoot out in a cabin in the mountains between a renegade former cop and county sheriffs.

A Double Amputee Olympic athlete arrested for killing his beautiful model girlfriend

Thousands of passengers are trapped on a cruise ship with only five working toilets for five days, talk about putting the carnival in Carnival Cruise...

Then today asteroid  2012DA14 flew by so close flew so close to Earth he could have hit a satellite or two

And finally while America was sleeping last night, those poor people in Eastern Russia in the Urals thought the world was coming to an end when a meteorite crashed over them with a flashing light and a huge explosion breaking windows and injuring 1000 people.

All of this is just wild and weird enough to make Aquarius feel at  home. But I do think a lof of this nonsense it tied to Mars in Pisces Square Jupiter in Gemini which was exact shortly after the New Moon launched. 
Mars= violence and or abruptness 
Pisces=Oceans, Spiritual
Jupiter=Religion, Sports
Gemini =rhetoric  

I am also intrigued a bit when I think of Saturn turning retrograde next week and Mercury turning retrograde a few days later.   Both planets are in their shadows now and will be going back over these degrees (from this week) a couple more times before the retrogrades concludes and I wonder if we will be revisiting some of these oddities again?

Dunno.  I just know this is some weird stuff, even for Aquarius lunar phase.

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