Wednesday, February 6, 2013

ElsaElsa on Saturn in Scorpio

ElsaElsa put up a great offer.   Some of you may be interested in her Saturn report.

’ve had a few people ask for access to the Saturn in Scorpio workshop I did with satori, earlier this year. The workshop was very good. I hate turning these people away, so I pulled the content together and created a pdf that people can buy.
The pdf includes the official class content, only. The people whose charts were used have all given their permission to have their (anonymous) charts included. The transcript is 49 pages long. The content is original, uncensored, and sure to be helpful. It’s a wonderful guide and I don’t think you’ll be bored!
Here’s what is included:
Introduction to Saturn in Scorpio
Chart #1 – The Pain, The Shadow And The Psychological Construct
Chart #2 Scorpio Sun, Moon, Mercury & Saturn Return in Scorpio
Chart #3 From Hype To Humbling To True Empowerment

Chart #4 Problem Solving 101
Chart #5 FEAR
BONUS – Saturn transits through the houses by satori

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