Monday, February 18, 2013

Saturn stations retrograde

Saturn in Scorpio

For a lunar cycle that is all about Aquarius we have a lot of Scorpio in the mix.  Besides North node in Scorpio getting the rub from the new moon additionally Saturn in Scorpio stations retrograde today, Feb 18 at 12:02pm EST at 12 degrees Scorpio.  Saturn moved into Scorpio only last October, so we are just barely scratching the surface of this two and half year Saturn cycle.   When Saturn transits a sign he brings maturity and conserves energy.  For those of us who know our charts, we are well aware when we get a hard Saturn aspect. First we usually get bitch slapped then when it is over we are sober and wiser and can move from a new more mature place.   During the Saturn retrograde we will be restructuring, reprioritizing and if we have been lacking direction, we can work to find our compass.    The retrograde will last until July 7 so we have five months to find our way.  And if we have been outsourcing our power or our own authority, (Scorpio issues), during the retrograde we should now dig in and find our own worth. 

Of course secrecy and spying is also very much in synch with Scorpio and probably some of us will feel like we are spy versus spy during the next few months.   Perhaps a little personal espionage is in order.   But if we hang out in the dark shadowy world most of the time, do not be surprised if Saturn transits brings down the hammer.    Remember at its core, Scorpio imparts the value of death and rebirth.   You can’t hide in the shadows forever.

Saturn will turn direct in July at 6 degrees of Scorpio so if you know your chart and know that you have planets between 6 and 12 degrees of Scorpio, Taurus, Leo and Aquarius there will be tension.   But even if it stings or gets rough, hang in there.   And if you are really stuck, find a therapist, have good sex or find your inner spy.  

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  1. I am so getting bitch-slapped right now, it's not funny! Excellent post.