Friday, February 22, 2013

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde

Yes, it is time for our favorite 3 week stints...known as Mercury Retrograde.

Mercury stations retrograde on February 23,4:41am EST  at 20 degrees of Pisces.  It will be retrograde until March 17 when it turns direct at 6 degrees of Pisces.

The shadow period for Mercury retrograde started on Feb 9th and goes until March 31st.   We should not be surprised if some stuff comes up between Feb 9th and March 17th then gets revisited between the 17th and March 31st.  


With Mercury retrograde in Pisces, we will double down in confusion. Absolutely someone will get something really important wrong.   “I thought”, “I believed”, “I understood”…. Whatever it was…will be wrong.   Seriously, just expect the wrong information to be disseminated by others or by you.   Double check ANYTHING that is important.    At the same time, Mercury in Pisces retrograde brings up spirituality.   Many people will find the power of prayer.  Or they will find their spirituality tested.    Faith is a verb and especially so during a Pisces Mercury retrograde where feelings of ennui and depression can emerge.    What to do when the sadness emerges?   Take it moment by moment and no matter how much you think it will be this way forever—you are wrong, it will dissipate.   Meditate, breathe and of course find faith.   

It is interesting that this Mercury retrograde is coming up during a lunar cycle where we are working out our resources (north node in Scorpio), our brilliance (Aquarius lunar cycle) and letting go in order to evolve (Saturn in Scorpio)—perhaps we need our minds to shut down a bit and just get quiet and tune in.  Pisces gets information viscerally.  It feels its way through any situation.   Mercury in Pisces is not comfortable playing all its cards.  It is not transparent in part because it figures things out from a way that it can’t explain.  And also in part because it can be deceitful.   It does not like the light shined on it.   We should expect some kind of deceit to come out in the news.    Especially after Saturn in Spyland Scorpio turns retrograde.

And of course there is Peggy Lee who may not have known it but certainly had the talent to sing of a Mercury Retrograde in Pisces.


  1. i love the link. p.j. harvey did a cover of this song. i've always really liked the sentiment of this song. I sing it in my head a lot. it'll likely be my theme song for the next few weeks :)

  2. Wow I would love to hear a PJ Harvey version of it.