Monday, February 25, 2013

Virgo Full Moon

Virgo Full Moon
Feb 25, 2013 Monday 3:26pm EST
7 Virgo 23

Details, details & Details.  Are you dotting the I’s and crossing the ts?  If not you are missing the point of the Virgo Full Moon.   Remember the moon is in Virgo every month but this is the month when it is a FULL moon in Virgo.  Let's try to not let important stuff fall by the wayside because we are sloppy.     But at the same time let's not go crazy micromanaging the world.  

On this full moon there is a yucky square with Jupiter.  Eiyiyi…..Jupiter is loud and brash and in Gemini it double downs in snarky comments and gossip.     Jupiter alone is a planet of big ideas, broad approaches and in Gemini it can be super smart but ironically it can also have a very narrow vision and it can be small.  Gemini doesn’t trust anything it can’t figure out.  It will look a gift horse in the mouth.   And then there is Virgo who doesn’t believe in anything it can’t taste, smell, hear or see.    So, both the Moon and Jupiter are feeling pretty critical and poor old Sun in Pisces is also squaring Jupiter.    Pisces is super sensitive, tender, dreamy and it does not appreciate getting pushed around by exaggerated, gossipy, small-minded Jupiter in Gemini.    The only way Pisces gets even is by lying, drinking, drugging or all three.      We should prepare to hear people talking in extremes (Jupiter).   We should prepare to feel like our skin is being peeled off of us by critical thinkers (Gemini & Virgo).   And yes, we may be duped, lied to or feel like a martyr (Sun in Pisces).    Adding to the crazy soup is Neptune in Pisces on top of the Sun.    Neptune talks to our guts.  He is not a brash truth teller instead he uses a subtle hand, he talks to our dreams, he gives us psychic vibes, when we know something is ‘off’.    However, with Neptune also squaring Jupiter it does put accent on the CRAZIES. And take care that you are not over selling fear.    Watch the conversation in your life and in the world if you or anyone else is yelling,  “The sky is Falling”,  “The sky is Falling!  Take note—it probably is not.   But at the same time there may be a problem everyone is ignoring that is a real issue.    Try when you are stuck to use your intuition but not your fear. 
Finally Moon in Virgo is making a beneficial aspect to Pluto putting the emphasis on death and rebirth.    And remember, although the sun is in Pisces we are still in Aquarius lunar cycle where we are still finding our Inner Brilliance  so make this the week that you respond (moon) differently to something.  Don’t just do the same old thing you always do.   Just try to be a different responder and see if you feel liberated and brilliant for doing it.   

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