Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ray Merriman

I felt inclined to go take a look at Ray Merriman.   Go to his link for a further discussion of the week ahead.

The Uranus-Pluto square continues to manifest in explosive and unexpected ways, both in precious metals and in human lives.

    Over 1000 people were injured when a meteor shower struck central Russia on Friday.

    Over 4000 people suffered on the Carnival Cruise ship after an engine room fire rendered the ship without electrical power for the next four days, causing toilets to overflow the “…stinking, crippled ship,” until it could be escorted into the port at Mobile, Alabama.

    This is all consistent with the mundane astrological principles of Uranus square Pluto, which remains in effect through March 2015. It is a dangerous signature, one that can threaten the lives of many people, due to unexpected natural or out-of-control, man-induced, disasters. The thing with this aspect is that you cannot really do anything to prevent or avoid its sudden eruption. All you can do is control your response and reactions when it does strike.

    In terms of financial markets, it can also coincide with bizarre and unexpected behavior. For instance, as we look around the world and observe various equity markets, we notice the following occurrences last week: new multi-year highs in the Zurich SMI and London’s FTSE indices,  but new lows for the year in the Netherlands AEX and a test of the lows so far this year in the German DAX; new multi-year highs in the NASDAQ Composite and Dow Jones Industrial Average, but new lows for 2013 in Brazil’s Bovespa index; new multi-month highs for the Australia All Ords and China’s Shanghai Indices, but new lows for the year 2013 in India’s  NIFTY and Hong Kong’s Hang Seng indices. This is a remarkable case of intermarket divergence within each region of the world.  But is it bullish or bearish divergence?

    Yet the most pronounced activity last week occurred in precious metals. On Friday, February 15, Gold fell below 1600 for the first time since August 2012. Silver dropped below $30.00/ounce. Although this decline was fast and furious and shocked many, it was right in line with our forecasts in terms of both time and price.

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