Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Water Snake!

Hey, everybody, I totally forgot to wish you all Happy Chinese New Year!   Actually it should not be identified as Chinese since it is all the Asian countries who celebrate the New Year on the Aquarius New Moon.      

We are in a Snake year in 2013.   I remember the last time we were in a snake year very, very vividly because my son was born in it.  That was a metal snake.   And do I really need to remind you of the details of 2001?   No, you sort of remember that year...because you were there and you were paying attention......

We know snakes love to shed their skin in order to grow.  Or if they don't grow their skin is certainly reborn.   How perfectly in sync with western astrology given this year we have Saturn in Scorpio.  And this Aquarius New Moon was in aspect with the two nodes and the north one is in Scorpio.    Shed, shed, shed......   We shed our skin to grow and in Aquarius we look at our world and our community, do we still fit in or do we need to move much to think about.  Have a beautiful shedding snake year. 

Here is a fun site that explains how the year of the water snake works out with your own Chinese astrology.


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