Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mercury Direct

Friday Feb 28
9:00am EST

Mercury Direct
18 Aquarius 12
Has the last three weeks had a bunch of confusion? Has anyone rear ended someone in a new range rover (cough, hubby, cough)?  How about having your credit card get compromised and fraudulant charges show up?  Enough about me.  The good news is that Mercury will be flying right Friday Morning.

We began the retrograde with Mercury in Pisces.   How did we find our faith in the last few weeks?
How did we find our muse?  How did we find our connectedness in an unworldly manner?   Now with the direct we are once again thinking about our groups.  Are we with our likeminded peeps?  Why or why not?   How are we finding our higher selves?  And how do we commuicate it?  And how do others support us?

Lots to think about but more to the point just burn a big fat votive and thank the lord Mercury is flying straight!


  1. Ti nisi samo dirkačica temveč tudi drkačica.

  2. Ti nisi samo dirkačica temveč tudi moja drkačica.