Sunday, February 2, 2014

What's Coming Up This Week

The week starts off in the Crescent Phase Moon with emphasis on faith.

Later in the week, Feb 6, Mercury will turn retrograde for three weeks (Feb 28).   A separate post will follow in a day or so. But of course we know
communication will be wonky, computers will be lame, things that have been limping along will finally break.   You would be wise to wait until after the 28th to do major purchases or sign legal documents—if you can.     Remember retrogrades slow us down so we can do more research.   Great time for researching any topic.  Including your emotions. 

We move into 1st quarter moon on 2/6, which is a time of action on the seeds we planted on new moon.  Be accountable to the promises you made to find your tribe on new moon or find like-minded people, reach out and also do action that calls upon your humanitarianism or community mindedness.   

Finally, we are now playing a little game called “Where’s the Clusterf$#%k?”   As I mentioned in earlier post(s) the cardinal crosses that we are experiencing through April are very tense.  When the Moon is in cardinal sign it kicks off a lot messiness, thus the cluster.  

This week’s ClusterF period (EST) is:
Sunday Feb 2 11:55pm  Moon enters Aries
Monday Feb 3 4:17pm Moon square Uranus
Monday Feb 3 8:26pm Moon square Pluto
Monday Feb 3 11:40pm Moon square Venus
Tuesday Feb 4 6:14pm Moon opposition Mars

Keep your eyes peeled for it. 


Crescent Moon Phase
February 2, 2014
10:35pm EST

Focus on:   What information are you learning about your faith?  What about  your spirituality?  What information are you learning about fuzziness?  How do you hide in smoke and mirrors? How are others using smoke and mirrors?  When people lie to you are they really lying?  How does your gut talk to you? 

First Quarter Moon
February 6, 2014
2:22 PM EST

Focus on:   What actions are you taking that build concrete results?  The seeds you planted on new moon that speak to your ideals and your greater community—what actions can you do right now that lay serious groundwork for those results. 

 2/6: Mercury retrograde 4:43pm  3 Pisces 20


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