Thursday, February 13, 2014


Leo Full Moon
February 14, 6:53pm EST

When I was looking at the chart for this Full Moon I was thinking to myself, “hmm well, it is not completely hideous” but then as I kind breathed the aspects and really let them sink in I had to admit “well it is sort of hideous lite.”   

The List of aspects:  Sun oppose Moon, Sun and Moon squares Saturn.  Sun trine Mars, Moon sextile Mars, Sun conjunct Mercury, Moon oppose Mercury and Sun conjunct Neptune, Moon oppose Neptune. 

Honestly if this was a person I would feel sorry for the poor fella.   Always wanting to throw a party but completely out of step with everyone. Truly in his own dreamy world but not a passive player he is in it to win it.   Mr. Full Moon would show up at the Backyard BBQ wearing a tuxedo and then get mad at everyone for not noticing.   It’s not that they aren’t noticing they are just tired of him pulling the focus once again on ‘I’m so different.”   If he looked at the expressions on everyone’s face he would see b-o-r-i-n-g.   

Expect a lot noise around people who are ‘different’.   Those who want to be the center of attention but have not earned it.    And there will be cold water splashed on any out-of-check egos (Hello Saturn).   It should be curious to see what happens to some of the athletes in Sochi during this full moon.  

 For the rest of us, watch the tone you take this weekend.  If you try to hide in the crowd, you could be missing a real opportunity to shine in particular on the behalf of others.   And if you think you are all that plus a cup of tea you will be knocked down a peg or two.   Remember –to really 'get' Leo Moon, when given a choice go for things that build your self esteem—not your ego.

 And do NOT get mad at anyone for taking up your time and energy doing something you don’t want to do.  .  If you are doing something you wished you weren’t doing—who’s fault is it for saying, “yes”.      Aquarius tells us that we deserve to be with like-minded people who push the best out of us.    Watch some of the random (Neptune) things that fall into your lap.  It could be pleasant it could be annoying but whatever falls in front of you is being put there to stir up your higher ideals.     Let’s face it there are some people sleep walking through their days and life.    This is one of those weekends when they will get bumped into reality especially about their community.  

Some will say, “Wow my circle of people is very inspiring.   And others will wake up and realize, “God my group is a bunch of losers. “

Whatever comes process it as quickly as you can and then move on, Charlie Brown.  


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